Important Update: A Moment to Remember, A Time to Never Forget

I went to the founding website for the 2996 project to check on the status. I found THIS POST , and even at my age, got a few goosebumps and a little sniffly. The founder of the project found that one of the signees for a name was 2 young men, Ben and Noah, aged 6 and 5 respectively. I almost fell out of my chair when I found out that…

these two young men (at the encouragement of their parents) created a weblog did an entry post, and did their tribute to their 9/11 victim: Lester Vincent Marino, aged 57. According to their new website, they are being taught about business. DCROE says he checked them out and they are the real deal. God, I hope so. We should all be encouraged that a 1st grader and his little brother want to be part of this memorial and that their folks are using their interest to get them involved and active as early as they are ready. There is hope out there folks. Go check their site…and their links-these kids have some pretty sharp parents. You’ll feel better…I do!

September 11, 2005 will mark the 5th anniversary of one of the most evil moments in the world’s history. A Coalition of Bloggers has been slowly forming, under the outstanding leadership, determination, and most humble of commitments of one DCROE. The “2996 Project” will culminate on September 11, 2006 when each member of the Coalition will publish a testimonial; a remembrance of a victim selected by DCROE and assigned to each of us who agreed to do this on our respective web blogs on behalf of one of our innocent fellow Americans, trying to live their lives the best they could, in a world that was (BEFORE that day) at relative peace with itself, or at least was trying very hard to be.

As the owner of three websites, I asked for DCROE to let me take three names. Each of these fine people will be memorialized according to the sites they were assigned to me by him. At, I will be remembering David Marc Sullins, who was murdered for being an American at the Trade Center. At, I will be remembering Jeffrey Collman who was murdered for not only being n American, but for wanting to work as a Flight Attendant on American Airlines flight 11, and at, I will be remembering Tatyana Bakalinskaya who was also murdered for being an American at the Trade Center.

There were 2,996 lives lost that day. Each of them will be remembered, by name, across the blogoshpere. There are but a few hundred names left, and if you can offer your website, PLEASE go sign up…right now this very minute.

CplM has done so for ASP, and he can comment here about that person.

If you don’t have a weblog but want to help, let one of us here know.

We owe them this much. We owe each other this much.

11 Comments on “Important Update: A Moment to Remember, A Time to Never Forget

  1. I signed up months ago, and look forward to posting about :

    Marcello Matricciano
    31, of New York, N.Y.
    At World Trade Center

    I also hope my blog will have the redesign installed by Sept 11th!

  2. Thanks for that story! That’s quite amazing.

    I believe their are now around 170 names left to be attached.

    Incidentally, I will be blogging on David Brandhorst, the 3 year old son of someone I worked with…who also was killed when the 2nd plane hit the Tower.

  3. I signed up awhile ago myself. The mail has been sitting in my inbox since July 03. I can’t wait to fulfill the commitment.

  4. I too signed up. As I was telling my neice about it, she asked if I knew where to find the names of the NY police that were lost that day as her mother had friends on the force there (they don’t have a computer handy). I told her I’d get the list for her. I did and I gave it to her – 37 names (and Sirius, k-9).

    I don’t know how people can forget.

  5. As the date approaches of this largest and cowardly attack on US soil, my heart is being pulled to be in New York on 9/11. I will be there to participate in all and any observances and ceremonies, to honor our dead and our country, and to vow that it will “never happen again”. God Bless our troops and the families of 9/11 and let’s vote for politicians who have the spine of President Reagan, the foresight of Churchill and the moral courage of President Bush. We must win this war that has been brought to us, for if not, it will happen again.
    Barbara from Boston

  6. I’ve signed up, too. It has been an amazing process getting to know the person I will be paying tribute, too.

  7. Thank you so much for joining! Only 235 more people to go as of the time of this writing.

  8. Its great you and Samantha West are doing this. I look forward to reading your posts

  9. That should be a very inspiring day. I look forward to it.

  10. Thank you so much for the heads up on this! I just signed up for my person to pay tribute to and linekd to 2996 and this post.


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