A New Beginning

1560642_636887589691198_2133390617_nI’ve decided to leave social media on October 1. It’s nothing but a “wretched hive of scum and villainy.” It brings out the worst in people, myself included. Besides, it’s much easier to discuss things more in depth here than in a Facebook or Twitter posting. So, I’ve decided to return back to the tried and true blog! I’ll be talking about military and national defense related things as well as government and constitutional issues. Basically, I’m getting back to the way it was before, but will probably have a heavier emphasis on gun rights and rights issues than before. I’m also going to use the freed up time to finish the book I’ve been writing for several years.

On February 1, 2015, I officially retired as a First Sergeant from the United States Army. The retirement was bittersweet, but I don’t miss it. It seemed that since Obama took office, all I was doing was fighting a military that become plagued with incompetence, political correctness, and outright hostility towards anyone that didn’t toe the party line.

After the false arrests of 2013 happened, the Army showed its true colors in trying to rake me over the coals before I had set foot in a courtroom. I realized that the Army no longer cared about its troops, but would support lawlessness by government officials. Attempts were made to punish me with an Article 15, but when I demanded a court martial, suddenly everyone didn’t seem as intent on making an example of me. However, they did make my life as difficult as possible. Add to the problem disgraced bloggers relegated to living in foreign countries generating more contention and I had all I needed to start cashing in my chips and hang up my uniform.

While that’s all been discussed here before (you can read all the posts from about March 2013 on), I only wanted to briefly touch on it. I used to love the Army. I was a walking poster boy for the Army. I had the hats, the shirts, the bumper and window stickers. I even paid over $300 for an Army-licensed motorcycle jacket that had a built-in reflective vest to comply with on-post riding regulations. I lived, breathed, ate, and slept Army! I volunteered with pro-troops organizations around the country, from local to national.

By the time I left the Army, I couldn’t get out fast enough. I wanted nothing to do with it. I was no longer proud of the service I had given for over 20 years. I felt betrayed. While I didn’t want to leave my troops behind knowing the kinds of leaders they would be stuck with, I had to think about myself for once. Then, after my second false arrest (in which charges were eventually dismissed a year later and I never saw a day in court) the Army made the decision for me: retire or face an administration separation board. I removed my stickers, got rid of most of my military themed clothing, gave my uniforms away, and began the transition. I had saved up over three months of leave and was able to “get out” much sooner than my official retirement date. I started going to college to finish up my degree and began working on the family farm.

I found as I was contemplating returning to regularly writing here that there is actually a lot to talk about. After all, I’m a civilian again. I have a lot to share about the military experience from a new perspective. Was the transition easy? What advice could I give to Soldiers still in? What are my experiences with the VA? How will my military experience continue to influence my post-military life?

These are all themes I plan to cover here. I will also discuss hot political topics of the day, review some great military oriented products, like books and firearms, and talk about what drove me to become an activist for the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments, among others. I look forward to this next step and I look forward to writing again. Leaving social media will be a bit of a shell-shock at first, but I will keep up my “public person” and Open Carry Texas pages so that I can share links to my writings, but I don’t plan to do much interacting there. I think I’m going to be a much happier person not dealing with all the idiots and frustration that permeates those platforms.

So, welcome back to A Soldier’s Perspective for those of you that have followed this blog for the past 12 years and welcome to all my new readers. Please take some time to read through some older writings. This blog began in 2004 and it has yet to have completed its mission.

7 Comments on “A New Beginning

  1. You made a lot of changes in the public perception, just by taking a hike. You stood up and fought for your family. I didn’t for one minute miss the fact that it was a CPS worker who complained and summoned the police because you and your son took a Boy Scout hike – armed with a long gun and a pistol. When I tried to cover your trial, I ran into nothing but hostility from the local media and the Tea Party people. They just couldn’t stand it. And now they won’t have to stand it because the G and the power people gave away our publishing platform to people they owe money because they entered into a scheme to confiscate the wealth of We The People through inflation by selling worthless securities to our enemies. – The Legendary Jim Parks

  2. Looking forward to reading your perspective on thing CJ.

  3. Is there a link or something I can get to, to follow your blogs?

  4. You are always authentic, CJ. Keep speaking the truth!

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