Author: CJ Grisham

Pvt. Murphy’s Law

This was in last week’s Army Times. I used to do this and still hear it to this day. It’s a funny look at military life for those that don’t get to read Pvt. Murphy’s Law.

Military Housing (with a minor in smokers)

I’m not one to complain about military life because I actually like it. I would not have stayed in 10 years now if I didn’t enjoy what I’m doing. However, there are some things that the military does… Read More

Next Gen Spiderman ?

My youngest daughter has an unusual love for Spiderman. This used to belong to my son, but he’s outgrown it. She’s a second generation Spiderman.


I’ve been domesticated. I had an epiphany yesterday and decided that my fate is sealed. There are few things I’ve learned to do since I got married that I never used to do. For example, I baked bread… Read More

The “Hostages” Home

The home he was taken from, by force no doubt.

The “Hostage” Photo

The Hostage

Toy Hostages (Updated)

The lead story blared “Web Site Claims GI Hostage in Iraq?” Just looking at the picture made me laugh like crazy. I’ll post pictures when I get home from work. (I found a picture of the same figure… Read More


If you don’t know how to play spades, you’ve probably never been in the Army. I had never even heard of the game before joining the Army. I’m not sure if they play in the Navy, but my… Read More

Lunch with Iraqis

Lunch with Iraqis, just one of many!

8 Million Iraqis Can’t Be Wrong

The polls are closed! The Iraqi people have spoken. It warms the cockles of my heart (and idiom which means one’s innermost feelings) to know that despite what the American and international press wanted the world to think,… Read More

The Map Revealed

This is when I told him the truth about his “map.” I feel really bad.

The Map, Cont…

Another shot of the “map.” To those sewers out there, it looks quite obvious doesn’t it?

The Map

Okay, so the story of the map. First, some background: Part of my job is that I exploit enemy documents for any intelligence value. During the war, it was my distinct pleasure to search dead for any information… Read More

The Map

This is a story for a post by itself. I’ll explain it later this afternoon in my next blog.

Iraqi Family

This was a girl that we “adopted” along with her family while we were in Baghdad. An Iraqi man was threatening to rape her and we found the guy and arrested him. He confessed to it all and… Read More