Author: CJ Grisham

8 Million Iraqis Can’t Be Wrong

The polls are closed! The Iraqi people have spoken. It warms the cockles of my heart (and idiom which means one’s innermost feelings) to know that despite what the American and international press wanted the world to think,… Read More

The Map Revealed

This is when I told him the truth about his “map.” I feel really bad.

The Map, Cont…

Another shot of the “map.” To those sewers out there, it looks quite obvious doesn’t it?

The Map

Okay, so the story of the map. First, some background: Part of my job is that I exploit enemy documents for any intelligence value. During the war, it was my distinct pleasure to search dead for any information… Read More

The Map

This is a story for a post by itself. I’ll explain it later this afternoon in my next blog.

Iraqi Family

This was a girl that we “adopted” along with her family while we were in Baghdad. An Iraqi man was threatening to rape her and we found the guy and arrested him. He confessed to it all and… Read More

Cj In Iraq

Me in the pose made famous by Saddam at the same location.

Under the Crossed Sabers

Me Under the Famous Crossed Sabers at Saddam’s Parade Ground In Baghdad.

GQ Photo Entry

This is the picture that will be in GQ.

GQ Photo Essay

A few months ago, an article was published in the Army Times seeking pictures from Iraq vets to send in pictures they had taken while over there. After sifting through all my incriminating photos of naked Iraqis piled… Read More

Me and My security team in Baghdad

Me and My security team in Baghdad; taken at Saddam’s Palace. I took the Mercedes symbol off a destoyed insurgent vehicle.

In Al Fallujah, Iraq

In Al Fallujah, Iraq

Iraqi Elections

The Iraqi Elections are just a few days away. I recall during the ramp up to the Afghani elections that everyone was saying how there would violence like we’ve never seen violence before. The Afghan elections would fail…. Read More

Girl Scout Cookies

One of the responsibilities of a father is to unconditionally support his children’s’ activities. Anissa is into ballet and Girl Scouts. Chris plays basketball and will play soccer. Hannah goes to interpretive movement classes. Once or twice a… Read More

America West Airlines Sucks

I’m writing this on a plane and will just copy into my blog. It was a long TDY (temporary duty). Not really much happened since I last posted and today, but I like to talk and will think… Read More