Castro Photo Fake!!

Castro Fake Image Cuba

The Drudge Report posed an important question today: “Read or Fake?”, referring to the recent photo of Castro holding a copy of a current Cuban newspaper. I decided to find out since the link to the article didn’t answer the question.

I saved the photo and ran it through my well-trained Photoshop eye. Upon initial review, the photo appears legitimate. However, after zooming in 400% on the photo, the truth is revealed – the photo is a fake.

If you have Photoshop 6 or better, right click and save the image. Open it with Photoshop and zoom in 400%. The first thing you’ll notice is that the edges of the photo and all text seems pixelated while the rest of the “paper” is quite smooth and consistent. Now, take a look at the upper left-hand corner of the “newspaper” he’s holding. His index finger is obviously photoshopped out to appear BEHIND the photo. Once again, the area where his finger would appear is the only pixelated portion of the “newspaper” at that location.

After close scrutiny, one can only assume that the photo was doctored to make it appear as if Castro is alive and well. If that was their goal, they really need a new photoshopping expert for their next foray into fiction.

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  1. Leslie, when I right-clicked and saved the picture to my desktop, it was automatically named “ADDITION_CUBA_CASTRO.sff_NY110_20060813062244”, the presence of the dot preventing my computer from correctly identifying the format of the file.

    I gave the file a new name ending in “.jpg” and I was able to open it with no trouble.

  2. CJ,
    Good work! Who knows if he’s really alive or not with all the trickery they do?!

  3. I saved the pic and tried to open it with Photoshop, and got an error message that it was not the “right kind of document” Help, anyone?

  4. Wow, I am ready to get better at Photoshop. I just got it recently, and am still getting used to the world of digital photography coming from the old film world.
    I learn a lot from folks like you. I appreciate it.
    We have to remain vigilant.

  5. Well, I must say the paper does look fake. But, stating that a jpeg is fake because you zoomed in 400%, onto a 30kb, optimized for the web, jpeg, is totally misleading. All jpegs get pixelated around edges when you optimize them. These are called Jpeg artifacts. I guess all the stripes on his jacket are fake. The edges look very pixelated.

  6. This isn’t a proof copy of the front page.

    Check the photos posted at Cigar Envy showing that these Castro photos are fakes — the size of the headline in the supposed newspaper proof has been digitally reduced to fit on the newspaper page, but the masthead, photo and everything else fits an overlay of the real Granma.

    It’s a complete fake.

    I have a hunch what looks like a staple in the upper corner is actually some block of text poorly erased from whatever real newspaper Castro was holding up in the original photo.

  7. My Gods, its such an obvious fake. The newspaper is so bright, it just screams “We did a bad chop job on this one!”

  8. As Pete pointed out, the actual paper is wrong. Newsprint isn’t that bright and doesn’t allow for that much contrast. The paper should be slightly duller colored, and the ink more gray.

  9. Sounds like they could use some help from Dan Rather and Reuters. I seem to remember exactly the same picture except Fidel was holding a Cigar in his left hand and a wine glass in his right.

  10. You can see a staple in the upper left hand corner of the page. This is obviously not a newspaper (the masthead of Granma is Red and I believe Castro’s picture appeared in color on the actual paper). So this is supposed to be a proof of the front page. Very weird.

  11. It looks like he is holding an 11×17 piece of paper. I worked at a translation company of a few years and we used to work on that size a lot, so it’s very familiar to me. What we used to do in order to proofread and not kill our eyes is print out PDFs of our translations onto 11×17. From my point of view, it looks like a PDF of “Page 1” was printed out from a black and white printer onto 11×17 paper…

  12. Without even looking at photoshop the newspaper appears to be brighter than the surroundings. It also looks like it was printed on glossy stock. It just looks fake.

  13. There appears to be another (poorly) ‘shopped area under the ABS of ABSUELTO where there would normally be text in the left column. Smudging out text, or someone elses thumb?

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