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Connor Love is my hero. He’s just 9 7 years old, but this little man gets it. His parents have obviously raised him to love our country and the defenders of its values. Connor frequently sends [...]

Infinite Progress

I met with my social worker today for a counseling session and to give him a sense of where I am. We came to a few conclusions that I want to share. He helped me understand [...]

SFC Zeke

Today, I listened to the advice of more than a few people and finally went to the TMC and Combat Stress hospital. My right hand hasn’t stopped twitching after nearly a month and it’s beyond irritating. [...]


It’s the “H” in our “LDRSHIP” Army Values. Of all the Army values, it’s the probably the most difficult to define. It means honestly. It means integrity – which is another Army Value in and of [...]

ISAF Responds to Irresponsible, Agenda-Driven Journalism

Sgt. Robert Cowdrey, a flight medic in Company C., 3rd Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division Combat Aviation Brigade, prepares a casualty in a rescue sled to be hoisted hundreds of feet into a Black Hawk helicopter during [...]

A Little Perspective Is In Order

UPDATE 17 Apr 2013: Welcome Blaze readers. For more information about the attacks and false claims against me by Michael Yon, please see THIS, THIS, and THIS post. [UPDATE 29 Sep 11: I’ve cut off comments [...]

The Hug Lady

One of the first impressions that Soldiers get as they leave for combat from Ft. Hood is a young lady affectionately known as “The Hug Lady.” Since 2003, Ms. Elizabeth (her real name) has been present [...]