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I Can’t Believe They’re All Butters

Butter [buht-er] noun. Defined as a “supporter of the 2nd Amendment” that claims, “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…” then proceeds to tell you what restrictions he supports on the 2nd Amendment. Over the past year, Open Carry… Read More

Destroying the Myths: 5th Ward and JBS

This one isn’t so much a myth as an outright lie. On June 19th, I was invited to speak at a John Birch Society meeting about Open Carry Texas and what we are doing in the fight for… Read More

Turning The Page

It’s been a long time since I actively blogged on here. I’m turning a new leaf in my life as I prepare for retirement and whatever the future has in store for me. Just as I have documented… Read More

MG Industries Now Shipping MARCK 15 in 7.62×39 Hydra Configuration

MG Industries, manufacturers of the MARCK 15 “Hydra” platform, a base system which the user can configure to any mission-specific rifle, announces that the well-known and respected 7.62×39 Hydra configuration in complete weapon system or as a conversion… Read More

Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC Speech

In case you missed NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s CPAC speech, I offer it here.

NRA-LOD Presents Defending Our America

NRA Life of Duty’s newest program dissects three words: “Defending Our America.” We want to share what this phrase means — not to politicians or talking heads on the news — but to the people with their boots… Read More

A Shiny Badge Does Not Grant Extra Rights

When a game warden wants to tag a deer, he makes sure to place the trap on an obvious trail that deer frequent. Deer tend to stick to natural funnels and tree or brush lines. Deer are naturally… Read More

Introducing … Austin Weiss

Meet the newest NRA News Commentator Austin Weiss, a guy with an affinity for beautifully crafted machines who splits his time between designing custom-built cars and motorcycles and taking a stand for firearms and the Second Amendment. “There’s… Read More

Newsweek Open Carry Article

Several cases for arrested open carry advocates are making the news. CJ has court next week to clear up the charges related to his arrest back in March. From what I understand, it will be 2-3 days long,… Read More

This Is How It’s Done

God bless this police officer who understands our first and second amendment rights! A former Marine, no less. I know some folks think cops are all incompetent and abusive, but there are many in this nation who serve… Read More

Court Date

UPDATE: Per CJ, “Date has been moved to October 15-17 at Bell County Justice Center.” From last I heard, CJ has a court date on the 23rd of this month, this upcoming Monday. His son was served a… Read More

UPDATE on CJ Grisham Pretrial Hearing

For those of you who have been following CJ’s story on The Blaze, Todd Starnes, and other sites, on 31 July, CJ had a pretrial hearing. The following are a few articles and links where you can follow… Read More

AK vs. AR

Most people don’t realize how accurate – if handled and used properly – the AK47 is. What makes the AK so dangerous is the muzzle velocity and size of the round using it. At just a 30% difference… Read More

Temple Police Department Violated Their Own Orders During My Arrest

The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” – Patrick Henry Every government body in this country – from the federal government… Read More

Book Review: American Gun by Chris Kyle with William Doyle

I am going to preface this review with a bit of personal information so you can understand the impact of the book upon me. I am not a big person on history, battles, things of that nature. It’s… Read More