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Chamber-View Offers Customizable Options for Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs)

MERRIMACK, NH (December 2013) – Chamber-View, is pleased to announce that their groundbreaking, patent pending Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs) for shotguns, AR / AK Type rifles and semi-auto pistols are available for special requests & customization. The Chamber-View… Read More

Liberty Ammunition Increases Planned Production

BRADENTON, FL (December 2013) – Liberty Ammunition, global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement, personal defense and the hunting markets, has announced a second shift for production of ammunition. Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense line… Read More

Vets by Dom Raso

Dom Raso highlights a bureaucratic flaw that’s unfairly stripping veterans of their Second Amendment rights — and tells you how to help get it fixed.

Team Rubicon

Some visitors here may not know about the charity Team Rubicon. They were founded in the midst of the Haiti earthquake by a former milblogger named Jake Woods. The charity uses the skills of military veterans for humanitarian… Read More

Good Deeds

I think we need a breath of fresh air around here. I saw this article and it gave me such a great feeling. AF pararescue troops got it done. The Airmen witnessed an individual from the accident walk… Read More

Michael Yon Integrity Check

UPDATE 7/28/13–Submitted by LL: For anybody who is coming here because Yon has yet again taken off after CJ, here’s a good roundup about what a total flippin’ stalker nutjob he is. ——————————— UPDATE 5/4/13–Submitted by CJ: Well,… Read More

Paintball with the Navy SEALs

Omaze and the Navy Seals are offering one lucky winner a chance to train in the fundamentals of close quarters combat and sniper assaults before an epic paintball battle with the most elite special forces team in the… Read More

AK vs. AR

Most people don’t realize how accurate – if handled and used properly – the AK47 is. What makes the AK so dangerous is the muzzle velocity and size of the round using it. At just a 30% difference… Read More

NRA-LOD: The Patriot Profiles Outlaw Platoon

In 2006, a platoon of men stationed near the Pakistani border sat in the crosshairs of some of the Taliban’s best trained and fiercest fighters. They were not elite members of any Special Forces team or Special Operations… Read More

NRA-LOD: Frontlines Episode 10: Chicago

NRA Life of Duty correspondent Chuck Holton reports from one of the most surprisingly dangerous places in the world… Chicago. Violence in Chicago is growing by the second and while gang fragmentation may have something to do with… Read More

Book Review: American Gun by Chris Kyle with William Doyle

I am going to preface this review with a bit of personal information so you can understand the impact of the book upon me. I am not a big person on history, battles, things of that nature. It’s… Read More

Continuance Filed in My Criminal Case

I wanted to take a moment to give everyone a quick case update. I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking for updates and I was trying to wait until my pretrial hearing which was supposed to be… Read More


Today, we honor the countless heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to answer our country’s call to arms. Please take a few minutes to watch our Memorial Day Tribute featuring Norman St. Germain – Seaman First Class,… Read More

Veteran Challenge 2013

I’ve been a Soldiers’ Angels supporter for years. They are a great organization and take care of literally thousands of troops and their families. One of their most important programs is the Valour-IT program. We need your help… Read More


I got the following email from the White House and wanted to make sure the information got out. America’s servicemen and servicewomen will now have more information about their federal education loans, special benefits available to them, and… Read More