Grey Eagle Under Attack

Milblogger Grey Eagle from A Female Soldier’s Story is under attack. Her site has been hacked by idiots who don’t agree with her point of view. This is the second time this has happened in a very short amount of time.

It is beyond my comprehension why someone would be so vindictive to anyone, let alone a soldier deployed in a war zone. It’s cowardly and evil.

Thankfully, Grey Eagle is a warrior and doesn’t know the meaning of QUIT. She has had offers to redesign her website with more security features to prevent it from happening, but in the meantime. Please go by there and show her your support. I wonder if Fred Phelps is smart enough to be involved. Didn’t think so either!!

4 Comments on “Grey Eagle Under Attack

  1. That is a disgrace! People like that ought to get a life and quit messing with our military…our heroes!!

  2. WOW….and he is like a really good guy from what I remember.

  3. Absolutely shameful!

    I’m glad she’s gotten so much support from the blogosphere.

    On Thanksgiving Day, a message board that I periodically frequent got hacked and they put an anti-Israel and anti-U.S. message….very crude and vulgar with bones, skulls, and death. This was a popular wrestler’s website (Chris Jericho). Didn’t even have anything to do with politics and they ruined the forums, which had to be replaced.

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