Kerry’s Stupid Soldiers T-Shirt

Get yours today. Click on the shirt to order. $1 goes towards They Have Names. Others have started to sell similar t-shirts for almost twice the price. Our are only $9.99 and again, $1 goes towards They Have Names. By special request, we have women’s shirts too for $14.99 (unsure why they charge more for women’s shirts).

“Help Us John Kerry, we are stuck in Iraq.”
“Halp us John Carry, we R stuck in Irak.”

15 Comments on “Kerry’s Stupid Soldiers T-Shirt

  1. Thanks for setting this up CJ. I’ve had a hankering for a shirt since I saw the first photo on the ‘net. And it will be used to honor the Fallen. Marvelous!

  2. Charles, also be assured that if Bush had made the same statement and the sign said “Halp Us Boosh”, I would have made a t-shirt about that as well. When it comes to trashing my brothers and sisters in Iraq, I am a bipartisan trasher.

  3. Charles, firstly, you have a good choice in friends!! And secondly, I want to assure you that I would never do anything to dishonor these soldiers in anyway. Say thank you to them for me, please, when you are in contact with them.

    With the creativity they showed, all I can think is that get togethers must be some kind of fun!

  4. I love the shirt along with the rest of you, but please remember, these brave soldiers (and friends of mine) did not mean this as a political statement. Thank you all for your support, God bless America.

  5. My wife and I absolutely love the shirt. We’re going to order a few first thing tomorrow to wear out here in the liberal Bay Area.

    One question though: my wife is wondering if you’ll have it in a ladies style shirt or on a tank top?

    Regardless, the photo is priceless!

  6. Ordered mine yesterday from you. Can’t WAIT to get it.

  7. I’m in…just need a bit o’ time…keep this post up top for a bit

    I love this country!

    Where else can a fool be born one day, and a t-shirt to keep us reminded he is a fool for all time (well, until the shirt gets stained, dirty, or otherwise finds itself in disrepair…) the next?

    and the buck to They Have Names is too good to pass up-

  8. Well I just ordered one for me and one for SNAFU. I was telling him about them last night on the phone and told him I was going to order him one. He’s looking forward to it!

  9. Going to wear mine with pride 🙂 Wonder what my MA co-workers will say

  10. Oh I have to have one, no – two! I’ll have to send one to my poor unejeekated soljur dohtur…

  11. I love it! Just might have to get one of those to send to SNAFU to wear in what little off-time he might have. He’d enjoy the humor in it for sure!

  12. LOL. They actually made it into a shirt? Unfortunately, in the great state of Washington, the security police would bar anyone with such a shirt on from any political meetings…including Republican ones. Go figure.

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