Link to AFraid Phelps’ Protest at Walter Reed

HERE is the link if you’d like to see how things went at Walter Reed for the satanic Fred Phelps and his incestuous family. You can also see pictures and commentary of the counter demonstration HERE at Free Republic.

Thanks to Patriot Guard Riders and Rolling Thunder members, their hatred wasn’t heard, only seen. I wish I had a bus. Fred himself never once picked up a sign, more in line with the way Satan goes about his: using others to do the dirty work and gently whispering evil into their ears.

wounded soldiers
Here are some of the wounded Walter Reed vets who showed up to shout back at the idiots across the street. Photo by sauropod.

I was a little surprised at some of the signs they were carrying:

fred phelps clan
fred phelps son
Nice shirt Jr.
more fred phelps
fred phelps

24 Comments on “Link to AFraid Phelps’ Protest at Walter Reed

  1. Great pics! Those jerks are in it just for the money. CJ you probably know this, but for others who may run into these idiots somewhere, you should know they don’t really care about any thing or any one. Drown them out, but don’t waste breath arguing. Their whole agenda is to enflame a known emotional subject, bait someone to push them or otherwise lay a hand on them, and they sue. They found out about this a few years ago, (they have a lawyer in the family) and have since gone around hoping someone else doesn’t know about their trick so they can sue them for all they have. They have become pretty well off this way. Give them hell; just don’t touch.

    Keep it up; really enjoy your writing.

  2. It was only a matter of time before phelps and his band of willfull idiots showed up at Walter Reed.

    I’m glad you were there to counter the hypocrisy, CJ.

  3. Phelps and his ilk are disgusting.

    Thank you, CJ, for being there to counter them. And thank you for your service to our country.

  4. Terri, there were countries like that…but we’re taking care of them one by one. There aren’t many places left that would take them. Well, France is still available.

  5. I agree with Jess Dawn and Donna. Hmmmmmmmm….. surely there’s some country that would welcome creeps like that with open arms.

  6. Pretty dispicable. I’d guarantee you if that B—- stood on a flag like that here in MT, someone would blow her ass to hell.
    dusgalan of mt

  7. I was thinking the same thing that Jess Dawn said. If they don’t like this country so much why not just leave it and go to maybe Timbuktoo Hee! They are sooo screwed up! Not like any christians I ever met!

    Thanks to everyone who countered their insane display at Walter Reed!

  8. My whole feeling on that is, if you don’t like it leave it. I am sure there is some country that will take them in. Maybe they should go to Afghanistan.

  9. Color me crazy, but doesn’t the 3rd photo down, far left, say something about ‘going to Taco Bell’? 😉 What a coinkydink! May have to have TexMex for dinner.
    Nice job, all.

  10. Yankeemom, thanks. I got rid of trackbacks because I was getting too much spam (over 100 a day) through trackbacks.

  11. Laurie, let me know which Friday you’ll be there by email, and I’ll make that my once a month down there so we can meet. We’d be glad to have ya!!

  12. CJ,
    I just realized the Soldier in front with the cane is one of the proud MSARNG. IED one year ago. Small, small world…


    And I love the pics — great awesome job, hehehe. 🙂

  14. This is so great! Love the pics! lol
    Thanks to all who were there – it’s much appreciated from one in exile In CA.
    ps. I linked to you today, just so you know ~

  15. I do hope to join in on the Friday night fun in a couple of weeks, as an individual of course 🙂

  16. Laurie, understood. That is one of the reasons I mentioned Patriot Guard Members and not the organization itself as attending. There were two PGR members and one RT members, three if you include me.

    You are right about their mission statement. This wasn’t something they even put out on their website because it’s not a mission of theirs. Thanks for clarifying.

  17. Just a note, it was not a Patriot Guard mission, though individual members may have attended on their own. Counter-protests are not part of their mission statement.

  18. Awesome pics CJ! To all who came out to overshadow Phelps assinine behavior, a heartfelt THANK YOU.

  19. I loved the photo’s man! Those made me laugh! But in all seriousness, I am happy that these idiots were not heard and that the good guys came out victorious!

  20. Great photos!!! I almost couldn’t tell they were manipulated……LOL

    God Bless the Patriot Guard Riders……

  21. I definitely agree with your point, CJ.
    And, the photos definitely gave me a good laugh this morning.

  22. Isnt that how all evil works? Just like Bin Laden he stays safe in the background and he has all the goons do his dirty work.

    You would think people would be smart enough not to be brainwashed.

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