Marine Iraq Legal Defense Fund

There is now a Defense Fund established for the Haditha Marines. To aid the civilian defense of the eight accused, send donations to:

Marine Iraq Legal Defense Fund, Inc.
c/o Judge Victor Ramirez
P.O. Box 1255
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Your donation can be earmarked to one of the accused or to all of the Haditha Marines who stand trial. Write your preference on the memo line of the check.

You can find out more about Judge Victor Ramirez (the fund’s principle administrator) at This is the same group who raised money for the “Pendleton 8”.

The media, politicians, and the government lawyers are all demanding convictions to “send a message”. The media hates the war. The Rats hate President Bush. Military lawyers want greater control over men in combat. The eight accused are caught up in these power games and have precious little on their side. I hope you’ll consider helping.

I stand behind them 100% until they are found guilty, regardless of what Murtha and his media want us to believe. If, not when, they are found guilty I will speak out about it. If, not when, they are found innocent I expect apologies.

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