My Two Cents

CJ is one of my closest friends and the attacks on him from the PTA of the middle school and the lack of support from the Army has me completely sick. I have so many thoughts running through my mind that are begging to get out. Let me very clear about the following to anyone from the Huntsville schools before I begin.

I am in no way expressing the opinion of CJ or Emily. I can not be intimidated by you calling my command as I am a Marine stationed in South Carolina. I will not have a problem finding a lawyer without “conflicts of intrest” to sue you back to the stone age should you try. I’m really not a hard guy to find should you feel froggy and want to try to bring me down.

With that out of the way, the Huntsville school district is out of line in ways that I can’t express on a family blog. Their contempt for the families of the children they are supposed to educate is beyond bounds. Their priority is to ensure every child has the chance to get an education that will carry them into the future and become productive members of American society. What are they teaching each and every child in their care when they ignore their own rules of order, bad mouth parents to students, and then run to the Army in the hopes of getting a man in trouble for having the fortitude to stand up for something he doesn’t agree with and then challenge the way he was treated? Really, what was this all about? Uniforms. A simple topic that can be easily debated and then decide once taking into account the opinion of the parents. Instead, this has come down to the ego of the PTA and Huntsville schools.

On 6 November, an “open letter” was posted to the Williams Middle School Uniform Policy Discussion Group. I’m going to reproduce portions letter here with emphasis added by me. You can also read the entire letter and discussion thread, including responses from CJ, on Facebook.

To begin, I am not willing to engage in any argument as this is not my intent. Please feel free to do or say anything in response or post this where ever you see fit. The reason I am refusing to delve into further debate with you is not that I am afraid of hearing your side but really as I am happy. Happy that I have a wonderful network of supportive friends and family. Happy that we have plenty of food and money. Most of all happy that my eyes are fully opened, so that I may see all sides and realize that everyone in there own mind is right! As I belive [sic] that we can speak freely and you are a man of reason I would like to say my peace. Before I begin realize that I am not anti-military these analogies are the best sceniros [sic] I can use to relate to you in the situation. Will people be angry at me for this e-mail? some may, but that is within their own selfs [sic].

This has moved beyond a uniform issue, this had became a personal vendetta between everyone. Mr. Grisham felt as if his Constitutional rights were violated. I ask you the question call me a liberal or tratior [sic] to our country if you must, but how many others rights were violated during interogations [sic]? How many of them were innocent? I am not ignorant to what goes on during war by any means. I know first hand how they rape and toture [sic] their male captives, I’ve seen the physical wounds that many civilians would not believe. The reality is we all still go in a broad sense by the Code of Hammarubbi and this transfered [sic] unto these issues. You feel as if your position is right and so does our end. Were you ignored? Yes I do think that some of the policy makers ignored your request to speak. When you got what you wanted an invitation to speak at our next board meeting it was not enough, as you recall I offered a chance to speak. I took it upon myself to read your statement to others, and I extended to Col. Pastorelli the same invitation to have you speak, yet this kept on.

I am sorry that you feel this way, and I hope you feel as if you achevied [sic] your personal victory. I feel empathy toward you, regarding the inner turmoil you are going through (yes i am refering [sic] to your PTSD) I know about the nightmares and terrors as I have seen them first hand from team members. I do not think you are crazy just a person with too many memories on their mind, I hope they fade in time.

As I reached out to you and your family willing to hear your side, I thought this would of been the turning point be enough yet it still was not. I think all sides were wrong. We the PTA had our hands tied. We could of allowed a debate on the issue but lets be honest, in the end result would it have changed Mrs. Williams mind? We all know the answer is a resounding NO ! We also know that there are real issues in this school such as disciplince [sic] that are not being addressed, why not advocate for the children and their saftey turn this into something constructive. I am blessed in the regard that my children will be returning to our Parchocial [sic] school bubble where my children and I can live in ignorance to situations such as these.Where there is not swearing in the hallways and the children do not hear and repeat what their parents would like to do to board members of the PTA. I am grateful to the military and the lives lost so that we may also remain in relative safety from terrorists.

Mr. Grisham you and your family will move on and so will we. I hope in time everyone can understand where the other side came from.

Jennifer Scott
V.P. membership J.E. Williams Elementary School

I honestly can not believe that Jennifer Scott brought up CJ’s ongoing battle with PTSD and also claimed to have first hand knowledge of interrogations of terror suspects. Why even bring them up when discussing the issue of the PTA and uniforms? She purposefully attempted to draw CJ in for a deeper argument, which she claimed she didn’t want, by appealing to his emotions. I can only assume that she speaks for the entire PTA leadership by signing her official title with her letter.

I won’t go into great detail talking about all of the utter crap she said as everyone that responded to the letter on Facebook did a more than adequate job dealing with her, excuse me here, bullshit. I posted that portion to give everyone an idea of the caliber of people that are the “leadership” of the PTA.

CJ’s leadership owes him a huge apology. He has been called into many offices to be dressed down based upon baseless accusations from the PTA and school system in an attempt to ruin his career. They will claim they felt “threatened” by this decorated war hero (CJ won’t talk about it much but he received the Bronze Star), but in their hearts they hoped that causing problems between him and his leadership will make him back down. In a way, they won by forcing CJ and Emily to move the kids out of the district in order to protect their innocence, but they couldn’t leave it at that. Instead, they continue to make calls to CJ’s leadership in hopes of further tanking his career. CJ has given over 15 years of his life, he has given a good portion of his health, and his family has sacrificed more than I could being to explain to the United States only to have it stomped upon by women who could not stop themselves and their egos. CJ’s leadership had the chance to squash this and tell those women that they would not get involved in clearly civilian matters, but instead they overreacted prior to knowing any facts.

The end result of all of this is CJ and I, along with our other authors, have literally lost a place that we came to love. Many of you have read A Soldier’s Perspective since the beginning when only CJ wrote, welcomed me with open arms when I began writing, were with me via the blog while I was in Iraq, and helped me welcome both of my children to the world. Several of you have been welcomed into my own family with open arms and hearts. I can not believe that a few women with ego problems could not allow other opinions to be expressed and instead took it to a level that will result in everyone losing. CJ and I have already lost the blog, they will soon loose face in the public area thanks to the great bloggers and the other media outlets that are now picking up on the story.

In the end, CJ, I, and A Soldier’s Perspective will win out. I promise you that.

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  1. I am the wife of a Viet Nam vet that retired military 15yrs. ago, approx. I am the mom-in-law of a Marine & a soldier at this time.

    I financially support by humble monthly donation, a 501c that Col. Antonio Monaco founded a couple of years ago.

    It’s offering is receiving Amazing reviews in healing PTSD, anger, and other emotional issues. This is so much so that the 82nd. Airborne reportedly has now requested and been sent 6,000 copies of the Multimedia CD called “Coping Strategies.” All at not one penny’s cost to anyone.

    Please read Col. Monaco’s letter at and consider downloading for free and/or phoning and requesting your own gift of “Coping Strategies.” I don’t think I am exaggerating to call this CD a Christmas Miracle. People are being confidentially helped and healed, regaining their own self-control and peace of mind. The Airborne is not the only military command that has ordered by the thousands. THIS is the miracle.

    Merry Christmas and God bless each of you and please, after reading the colonel’s message if you see the value many others of us do in this, simply help us get the word out about it.

    Karen T.

  2. Keep fighting these SOBs. People buy this PTSD bs, invented by sorry SOBs who want benefits. Jennfier Scott needs to go back to her home in Berkeley and smoke some more pot, and dream up some more fantasies. Keep fighting CJ! John T. Reed told me about your plight,..the West Point grad and writer. The word is getting out. Write your congressman people and put the pressure on the brass.

  3. Leftists control most of our education system. From pre-school to college. And a lot of leftists genuinely hate the military, our country, our soldiers, etc, despite their breathless claims that they don’t. I know. I used to be a leftist and shamefully I also hated the military and thought all soldiers were redneck Nazis who were too stupid to get a “real” job. These teachers clearly have a personal vendetta against you due to who you are. Hopefully one day they realize what assholes they were and beg for forgiveness. I know I did.

  4. CJ – say it ain’t so! If you don’t want to blog openly anymore, might I suggest you do so anonymously? Your voice is too important to lose.
    Many sympathies for the insanity you are enduring. It definitely sounds like the nuts are rolling downhill to Alabama these days.
    All the best – Rebekah

  5. They give a dressing down, over something like this, to a Bronze Star winner?

    HOW DARE THEY?!!!!!!

    CJ -HAS- been betrayed. By his command and by the civilians he has risked his life to protect.

    I’m glad CJ is away from them now, so he and Emily can get on with their lives.

  6. Well said Marcus!!! Thanks Mickey for posting this on facebook. CJ will win this battle

  7. I’m waiting for this to hit national media…if they don’t find a way to make it right – I don’t see how it won’t garner the attention of the national media. You have my prayers.

  8. CJ, Marcus – appreciate your fight. You will win out. Those women will, in, fact, get over it.

  9. Well said Marcus, and all the commenters.

    I also wrote a column. I sent the link to mine to ALL the contacts listed in Bouhammer’s piece, letting each of them know that their treatment of the Grisham family has been noted outside of America’s borders.

    I hope any response is more articulate than the writer of the letter you excerpt here. If she is a product of the school, maybe it is a good thing that the Grisham kids no longer attend.

    Soldier on!

  10. Marcus, can someone report her somewhere for have “1st hand information” about a crime. Maybe she helped them do these wrong things. We know she is part of the wrong doing to CJ and his wonderful family.

    • Private medical information? HIPPA?

      I believe HIPPA applies to the military as well. I may be wrong though. I am not sure.

      • HIPPA most definately applies to the military as well!!

  11. ok, I did not just do that..typed their instead of they’re, twice….I must correct..sorry.

  12. Marcus,
    Great letter and it just blows me away the fight that he is putting up with right now. Change ownership of the site over to you and keep plugging away so that he can tell his command, not my site, not your problem. CJ, You are my hero and don’t lose faith brother!!
    Semper fi,

  13. Amen and spot on, Marcus! Thank you!

    Uhmm, yeh, saw that “open Letter”, lol (mouth dropped, eyes rolled), need I say more.

    (IMO)The PTA and Williams Middle school lost; three great kids and 2 great parents. The Grisham kids and family won, by getting their kids the heck out of a school run like THAT. The separation sucks, I hope it’s very temporary, their in good hands, and I bet their real troopers; Army Strong! :)God Bless the Grisham family.
    Oh, and should it be necessary to find that Lawyer, let us know, e-mail, put up that donation button, I have no problem contributing.

  14. This situation has made the Army look like crap, and not because of anything CJ did. He actually loves the US Army and has always spoken highly of his experiences as a soldier. No, the Army looks bad solely because of the lack of loyalty and honor displayed by those who SHOULD have defended him. Instead, they betrayed him. They let all of us know what any Soldier can expect these days from people they SHOULD be able to trust. For that reason alone, I recently advised three young men against joining, because I no longer trust or respect the leadership. If our soldiers can’t count on their leaders when it comes to something like this, God help them if they ever deploy and REALLY have to count on them.

  15. Thank you Marcus. Your sadness and sincerely shows in this well articulated post. I am sad that I got introduced to ASP so late – it seems I have missed many good years.

    Regarding the letter in the middle of your post, I am absolutely REVOLTED. It is ignorant and uneducated in several ways, but two that immediately insult my intelligence: First, the content – which has been mentioned in previous comments – is woefully ignorant and filled with comments clearly meant to bait CJ, and second, the ERRORS in spelling and grammar are astounding! These are an obvious indication that this woman is “playing the scholar.” Her own education must be non-existent to produce such excrement.

    How else could sentences like “Happy that we have food and money” (a sentence fragment) and “Before I begin realize that I am not anti-military these analogies are the best sceniros [sic] I can use to relate to you in the situation” (a run-on AND misspelled sentence) find their ways in this monstrosity of a letter? It is a DISGRACE to the English language!

    Ms. Scott, it is torture enough to read through this abysmal composition. Go back to school and learn something worthwhile before you produce anything else again. And BEFORE you send out any other written material, PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, USE THE SPELL CHECKER.

    The PTA should be mortified that this pathetic refuse came out of their Vice President.

    I would NEVER hire you, Ms. Scott, not as an assistant, and LEAST OF ALL as Vice President of the PTA.


  16. Well done Marcus! This entire situation makes me want to just puke. For the Army command to allow this to continue is absolute nonsense. I suppose they are afraid of rocking the boat with some of Obama’s “people”. Bullcrap!! I have many Afro-American friends and NONE of them would EVER do this disgusting, uncalled for, stupid false accusation to ANYONE regardless of race, creed or color. Shame on the Garrison for not putting a STOP to this Bullcrap as soon as they were contacted and shame, shame on the school personel for acting the way they did to the Grishams!!

  17. What I do not understand is how these people feel so safe as to cavalierly call his garrison command and then post such public sentiments without one thought to civil liability.

    I can’t believe there isn’t an attorney in this state who would take this case as the straight up defamation it is. If that is the case, however, surely there is someone willing to file a motion to appear pro hoc vice and get the ball rolling to sue for defamation?

    This is simply ridiculous.

  18. Well said Marcus!

    I cannot believe those women went running to the Army. Seriously, what is wrong with them?! Do they run to the employer of every person that disagrees with them? I bet not.

    And Marcus, I had to laugh at the amount of [sic]’s you had to put in there. Maybe the V.P. of the PTA should take a remedial spelling and grammar class while she’s at it. She’s already acting like a 5 year old.

  19. I am sorry to see this blog shut down–I’ve followed it from the beginning–mostly silent. I am also sorry there are “leaders” in the Military that are so spineless they are afraid of doing what’s right. Pretty sad state of affair when you can’t count on your appointed leaders to back you up. I am glad you are getting out of there. It will be better at your next assignment. This time watch out for the back-stabbers–it’s difficult to figure them out at first except that they care about nothing but themselves. God Speed you kids!!! Your children are in safe-keeping.

    Dusgalan of MT

  20. First off, let me point out the irony of this being Military Family Month.

    Secondly, if that crazy@ss woman has “first hand knowledge” of rape or torture, which is defined by every dictionary on earth meaning personally experiencing something, she should go to the authorities because troops raping and torturing her are illegal. But I suspect she’s just lying about that “first hand knowledge.”

    Thirdly, the Army, and in particular certain members of CJ’s command, have totally and utterly failed him in not telling the school and PTA that running to a parent’s employer is the most bogus and bullsh*t move EVER and they are OUT. OF. IT. What, is his command also going to come down on him if he makes his wife mad by not taking out the trash and she complains to them? Or will they jump his sh*t if a cable installer complains to them because he was rude when they were 3 hours late? There comes a point where his command has to step out of his life and in the parenting role, THAT is a paramount line they should NEVER have crossed. Epic FAIL on their part.

    Ok, I’m done with my starred cursing. I just can’t help myself when I’m this pissed off.

  21. CJ’s chain of command has betrayed him… and betrayed us all.

    If we learned nothing at Ft. Hood, we should have learned that political correctness cannot drive a military leadership situation.

    The benefit of the doubt should have gone with CJ. His Chain of Command should have required these people to prove their case.

    Instead, they caved to a bunch of game-playing punks… like I feared they would and like I warned him they would.

    There are times when I am ashamed by what our military leaders do. Fort Hood was one. Gen. Casey’s idiotic response was one. This is another one, because while the outcomes are not even remotely comparable, the attitude of those in charge is precisely the same.

    Even in the peace time environment, we all need to wear Kevlar on our backs to keep our leaders from jamming a shiv in there at their first available opportunity. And what the hell kind of military do we have that would require us to do that?

  22. You cannot make this stuff up. While the Army, in particular, is emphasizing the value of seeking help, they fall for this kindergarten manipulation? Double talk. Between this manipulation and Hassan’s “secondary trauma”, mental health care in the military has taken a dive. . .free fall.

    • Yeah, secondary trauma.

      He’s crippled. Good. Let him suffer with it all the way until the moment he’s put up to the wall and shot.

      Wait, they use lethal injection these days, don’t they? That sucks. Bullets are cheap.

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