SGT Steve Marfill Update – First America’s Finest

Patriot Defenders Network is upgrading SGT Steve Marfill’s home. Check out the progress to this great project HERE. Steve is the soldier that launched my America’s Finest interviews.

Special thanks to the Patriot Defenders Network.

2 Comments on “SGT Steve Marfill Update – First America’s Finest

  1. That is pretty darn wonderful; kinda “Extreme Makeover, H.E.” for a deserving soldier. The PDN was probably doing this sort of thing long before the show became a hit but it’s nice to see, regardless.
    They’v actually done (3?) episodes on the T.V. show with soldiers in need; the one with Bobby Isaacs’ quick two-day makeover was my favorite yet. To see that young man, newly engaged, beaming and ‘speechless’ as he said of himself, after seeing how down he was after a whole year of rehab from losing both legs to an IED, well I watch the last few minutes of that recording for a quick pick-up whenever I need a reason to smile.
    I hope SGT Marfill’s home makeover brings him equally as much delight.

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