Soldiers Want To Go Home [Update]

[Update] Something I find interesting about the way these polls are written is how they’re portrayed. For example, the focus in the media has been that 29% of soldier polled think we should leave Iraq “immediately” instead of 71% don’t think we should leave immediately. Doesn’t that kind of change a person’s thinking a little?

Trolling the various newspaper sites around the internet, I’m frequently bombarded with this subheadline, “A majority of American troops believe they should leave Iraq within a year, while 23 percent said they should stay in the country as long as needed.” Seems to me that the focus is definitely geared toward convincing the nation that “even our troops are unsupportive of this war”. There weren’t any follow-up questions to the survey. After 72% think we should leave within a year, how about asking “why do you feel that way?” All these reports just give the wrong impression.

I bet the results would be slightly different if the follow-on question was, “Would you still agree if a year from now the military wasn’t capable of securing the country or its borders?” Heck, if they could do that now, then I’m one of the guys who would say, let’s leave immediately. This just reeks of another attempt at convincing the country that a stretegy of defeat is a good strategy, since it’s supported by the very people carrying that stategy out. It just doesn’t reflect reality and isn’t very in-depth.

It also doesn’t reflect the fact that troops in a combat zone, myself included, are more prone to hate what they’re doing and want to leave. How about polling recently returned troops and asking them those same questions? When I was stuck eating dirt and wearing smelly clothes day in and day out, asking me if I thought we should stay wouldn’t have been a very good idea. As a matter of fact, when I was interviewed in Fallujah about the decision to extent my unit for a few more months, I was pissed and pessimistic. Those following months were my most productive months since the end of the war. Don’t fall for the hype and spin that the media is already making out of this poll, financed by an anti-war faction, I might add. Though, I’ll admit that probably had nothing to do with the results but probably influenced the questioning.

Zogby International has released a poll where soldiers, real soldiers, were asked their opinion about Iraq. Now, I don’t have the $19.95 it would cost to purchase the actual results and the exact questions asked, so I’m going to have to quote their own summary.

According to the survey, 29% of respondents think we should leave Iraq “immediately”. I’m interested in seeing how the MSM spins these poll results. 20% think we should stay in Iraq “as long as they are needed”. 72% of them think that we should leave within the next year. 100% of us want to leave. I made that last one up. Hey, I believe in why we went into Iraq.

Look, this is the reality. We don’t like fighting. It’s a disgusting living. There’s no humanity in killing people. Putting a bullet through someone’s skull is a sight no one should have to see. Watching a guy disintegrate into a fine red mist of blood and chunks of meat is no substitute for being with my kids. With minor exceptions, no one likes killing people…even bad people…even terrorists. Yes, we all want them dead.

The worst thing I ever had to do in my life was explain to a six-year old why we killed his father. It wasn’t his fault. Some terrorists had hijacked their van and forced the guy at gunpoint to run our perimeter while they shot at us. Miraculously, the kids survived. Guess who had to take him to his family? I still dream about that kid. I still dream about his aunt’s reaction to the simple arrival of our HMMWV. I could go back there right now and take you straight to his house on the outskirts of Fallujah.

We don’t WANT to be there. We NEED to be there. We leave now and there will be more of these kids. I agree with these polls that we should be able to be considerably withdrawn within a year. As long as we can keep getting the Iraqi Army and Police up to speed (and eliminate the death squads), let them have their internal strife. Let them have their “civil war”. Mark my words, this is not a civil war. This is a war of meddling in another nation’s sovereignty by Iran.

I am not ashamed of what we’ve done and I’ll never apologize. Everyone seemed to agree that Saddam had to be taken care of before the Democrats realized they were in trouble when a real President finally did something about it. He didn’t resort to pinpricks of missile strikes, the military equivilent to thumbing one’s nose and shouting “nyah, nyah, nyah”.

Here’s the part that should concern people: our perception of our fellow Americans’ opinions. Asked why they think some Americans favor rapid U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq, 37% of troops serving there said those Americans are unpatriotic, while 20% believe people back home don’t believe a continued occupation will work. Another 16% said they believe those favoring a quick withdrawal do so because they oppose the use of the military in a pre-emptive war, while 15% said they do not believe those Americans understand the need for the U.S. troops in Iraq. The other 12% said they were just plain stupid. Okay, I added that one too.

What does all this mean? That we are free thinking people. We all have different perceptions based on our individual and collective experiences. How would I answer that question since I wasn’t interviewed. Somewhere between the 20% and the 15%. I think they have just been misled by the vocal idiots from the left and not well enough informed by our President and military leadership. That’s just MY opinion.

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  1. Thanks CJ, but it wasn’t a serious question! I know what it stands for. 🙂

  2. CJ…Radioblogger has the transcript and audio of a brief interview Zogby gave Hugh Hewitt- brief, since Zogby got fed up with the questions and hung up on him. There’s also the documentation of the polling questions. I linked ’em on my blog.

  3. Sal: Stuck your little foot into your big mouth? He he.
    dusgalan of mt

  4. RNC = Republican National Committee. not sure if that was a real question or not.

  5. CJ- Your comment about soldiers not having a vote about going to war is why I support the troops. (I’m still not sure about the war, even though I’ve “seen” the good that has occurred.) I HATE getting stopped by police, but I support them. Why? Because they, like the soldiers, sign on that dotted line- knowing that they are literally putting their life on the line and possibly in danger.

    I agree that too many Americans don’t know what is really happening, due to biased reporting, with a negative slant. I listened to a news reporter the other night after I had read some info on a blog or in a DoD release, and all I could think was, “Why can’t they report the positive side of it??? Yes, XX people were killed. But nothing was said of the XXXXXXX people who were NOT killed.” Frustrating as hell!

    Now a question…. What does RNC stand for? Republicans Not Complying? Really Non Coherent? Red’s the Next Color? (I personally think it is the middle one sometimes! *note* Refer to some prior replies) *big grin*

    Done rambling….

  6. Sal you are such a comedian, and your last post here made me laugh out loud. Not even thinking about the fact that CJ and I disagreed on plenty of different subjects. CJ was one of the Platoon Sgts that actually wasn’t the type to spit shine the 1st Sgts boots just to look good. I remember him getting in trouble for us quite a bit because he was a black sheep leader. For you to think that he wants to strike down the opposition is just plain humorous. I always remember him as being more of a leader of opposition.

    Just like in the poll post he typed. I don’t agree that we are a true nation of people that are able to have their own beliefs and opinions. I think that people are slaves to popular opinion and right now it was made popular to think that we should have never liberated Iraq. I remember thinking because of popular opinion only, back in high school I did it all of the time. Too bad we can not get more of our representatives to grow out of sophomoric thinking and not fall for peer pressure.

  7. From the first post of Sal’s I read I felt HE should run for President because he knows about EVERYTHING and he “claims” to have seen it all and been involved with it all.

    Second, I would stroke CJ’s ego every chance I got because to me he is not only a True American but I true Man…
    You keep posting and I will keep stroking. :)))) lol

  8. Sal, you’ve given your disclaimer and it has the distinct honor of being your last post. Kindly troll elsewhere.


    Linda P: The Zogby Brothers John and James are not just close to the Democrat Line and talking points, they are and have been over time members of the upper eschelon of the DNC. This was not a legitimate poll. Information is only as reliable as the source. Consider for example that Zogby was one of the many major Arab contributors to the last campaign of CYNTHIA MCKINNEY, that far left twit of a Congresswoman. This was a hatchet job on our military for political benefit at home for the Democrat Party. It is dispicable that this should be done to our service men in a time of war when they are paying such a price to protect not just me but also your sorry ***.

  10. Hee! Hee! I’m sure not CJ. Unless I grow a beard and my voice changes alot!!:)

  11. Donna (or CJ?), is this a voice in my head. Did I leave a comment on my own post. Is Donna a real person or a symbol of an overactive imagination and poor parenting? What if black were really purple and we just named it wrong?

  12. Wow! I didn’t consider myself a lemming. Salminio is just jealous CJ because we are giving you all of the attention!:)
    Anyway, keep up the good work CJ! We all support you 100%!!

  13. You’re right, Sal. I’ve been working hard to keep you hanging on as long as possible. The fact that you care so much about my opinion that I haven’t run you off yet actually makes my loins quiver. It warms the cockles of my heart.

    What is more sad: that I want my ego stroked or that you’re willing to stroke it? I’ll be honest. I think I enjoy the attention you give to me more than all the others combined. When a liberal is pissed off, I know I’m going in the right direction. I guess when we start agreeing I should start another blog under a pseudonym.

    Thanks for continuing to follow my rantings and caring enough to voice your opinion, though I haven’t taken them seriously much lately, especially since the conspiracy comments.

  14. I enjoy this site, your perspective and appreciate the effort extended to present this to the world. So much so I have added a RSS feed from your site to my yahoo 360 blog so that others may find you. I have friends serving over there, and friends who are back stateside having done their tour of duty in Iraq and other places. Just wanted to extend my appreciation to all serving.

  15. Great point CJ that you made to Linda! And, I respect you wholeheartedly in your opinions. Thanks for your willingness to protect this great country and to ensure peace and democracy. Thanks.

  16. Linda, do you suggest we only join the military when it’s convenient for US? That doesn’t make any sense. What kind of discipline would we have if that were the case. That’s why the leaders don’t get a vote among soldiers before going to war. I joined the military to protect this country and ensure it’s peace and democracy.

  17. “The other 12% said they were just plain stupid”. Okay CJ, you said that was your addition but the truth of the matter is that a far larger percentage of the American public fall into that category. If it isn’t fed to them by the MSM, bias and all, they have no opinions what so ever. They certainly have no historical perspective and little to no realization of the implications for much of what they ascribe to on the events that are shaping our lives. If you mentioned Caliphate or Sharia Law they would have no clue. Semptember 11, 2001 got their attention but the attention span is short.

    The saddest figure of all, however, is this one: 37% of troops serving there said those Americans are unpatriotic. Not sure to which group this was referring specifically, but I am assuming anti-war or rapid pull out. It really does not matter the group, no one should be risking their lives or putting their lives on long term hold in a far away dangerous place for people they feel this way about. The amount of shame this group of American people should be feeling right now can not be quantified.

    If anyone reading this is a warrior abroad and is feeling that their sacrifice is not appreciated back home, be assured that those that lack a full understanding of just what is being done for them is NOT everyone, not even close to everyone. Thank-you to all who serve the Greatest Nation On Planet Earth.

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