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Dear Fellow Milbloggers

If you missed the Milblog Conference this year (or every year) because funds were tight and a trip to D.C. just doesn’t pass the “gotta have” test, I have an offer for you. You Served is [...]

An Interview with a Milblog Groupie

In an interview more difficult to get than the President himself, I finally cornered Sherri, uber milblog groupie and fan extraordinaire. You won’t find this anywhere else. Interview With Sherri from CJ Grisham on Vimeo. [...]

Troy Interviewed By GreatAmericans.com

Here are both parts of Troy’s interview with Matt Daniels of GreatAmericans.com. For the rest of the Milblog Conference interviews, check out all the interviews HERE. MilBlog Conference 2009 – Troy Steward, Bouhammer.com – Part 1 [...]