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NY Times Misleads Readers On Concealed Carry

I read this story in the New York Times by Michael Luo called “Guns in Public, and Out of Sight.” To the casual reader, it would appear that the recent surge in legalized concealed carry is responsible for… Read More

Wisconsin’s Gun Grabbers Grasping at Straws

Earlier this year, the Wisconsin government recognized that founding document that recognizes the rights of Americans to “keep and bear arms.” For the first time, its citizens were able to own concealed weapons. And the liberals wept. Since… Read More

Gun-Free Safe Zones are Anything But

Did somebody forget to tell [University of Texas shooter Colton Tooley] the UT campus is a gun-free zone? I have been wracking my brain for the last few weeks trying to figure out how he was able to… Read More

Guns Don’t Kill People

We hear it all the time: guns don’t people, people kill people. It’s true. About a year ago I went to a range to make a point. I took my M4, XD40, and a buttload of ammo, along… Read More

Drawing Winners

I want to tell everyone that contributed to the latest coffee drive that I truly appreciate your help. This will probably be my last coffee shipment while I’m here in Huntsville, but I hope to be able to… Read More

Ranger Up & ASP Support The 2nd Amendment

[UPDATE: All entrants must agree to allow their submission to be posted on A Soldier’s Perspective and/or the Ranger Up blog to be eligible.] I love being a Soldier. I love being a Soldier because my entire purpose… Read More