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Ask for Help

It’s a message so simple that even a 7-year old understands it. “Ask for help!!!” wrote little John Murray on Post-it notes. It’s a simple message, but also an extraordinarily profound one when you realize whom [...]

Suicide Prevention Is Attainable

This is a topic that is near and dear to me. Reading these reports is distressing that we still have Soldiers out there that feel like this is the solution to their problems. Believe me, it’s [...]

When Depression Takes Over (Part II)

A few words of clarity before I continue. Regardless of what my mind tells me, I LOVE being a Soldier. I love serving my country and wearing this uniform. Part of my depression – aside from [...]

Medicated Into Oblivion

This week’s Army Times paper had a story titled “Medicating the Military” by Brendan McGarry. It was kind of a sobering piece about the toll eight years of war has taken on our troops. One of [...]

Pick Up The Phone

One of the few things related to music that Emily and I agree on is that Blue October ROCKS!!! We absolutely love the band. So much so, that the kids hate listening to it because we’re [...]

Sons’ Deaths Inspires Soldier to Help Others

Major General Mark Graham is a man that knows sorrow, feelings of hopelessness, and tragedy. After losing two sons, he battled instincts to give up and live a life of grief and regret. MG Graham visited [...]