Tag: Equal Opportunity

NCO Balances Soldiering, Coaching

A great story about one of our troops based near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. MSG Morgan is a good guy and a great NCO. This story was sent by SPC Darryl Montgomery. Army Master Sgt. Marvin B. Morgan, the… Read More

Probing Military “Extremism”

According to the Associated Press, the Southern Poverty Law Center is asking Congress to look into extremism in the military. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? We can’t have extremists running around getting trained at the expense… Read More

Is the Army EO Program the Antidote for White Privilege?

This EO Advisor loves to pat himself on the back as he enlightens me about his quest for diversity and EO issues. I told him on several occasions that he should diversify his training by including some minority on majority examples of racism but he refused to do it as demonstrated by his class today.

The Army’s Unequal Opportunity Program

Let me introduce myself. My name is Art. I am the newest author for A Soldier’s Perspective. While the other authors write on a large range of topics, I will focus exclusively on my interpretation of the Army’s… Read More