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Huntsville City Schools Worst In The State

Yes, that is my opinion, but in other ways, it’s a fact: According to an end-of-year report from the Alabama Department of Education, Huntsville City Schools finished the fiscal year on Oct. 1 nearly $20 million [...]

Superintendent Moore Gets Demoted?

Hardly. Huntsville City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Ann Roy Moore, accepted a compromise to end negotiations about whether or not to extend her contract. The school board voted today on the compromise that would allow the incompetent [...]

Fire Huntsville Superintendent Ann Roy Moore

There is a debate raging right now on whether to extend Huntsville City Schools superintendent Ann Roy Moore’s contract through 2011. A heated debate took place during the past two school board meetings on 20 May [...]

Huntsville City Schools Uniform Proposal

When you think of Huntsville, AL, does the term “gang” even slightly come to mind? Sounds more like an SNL skit comprised of a bunch of rednecks like me sporting overalls and straw toothpicks and carrying [...]

Me Vs. Huntsville City Schools and PTA

I wanted to take a quick moment and let everyone know that the school issue between me and Huntsville City Schools has not gone away. To date, I still have not received an apology, they are [...]

Thug-ocracy At Its Finest

[CJ note: I moved this to a private post almost immediately after posting it. I was lashing out in anger and emotion when I originally posted it and had promised the Army I would back off [...]

Off Topic: School Ignores Parents

Last night, I attended a meeting at my kids’ school with the intent of discussing the principal’s decision to go to school uniforms in the middle of the school year. The problem is that the principal [...]