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Until It’s Time NOT To Be Nice

They look at you funny and call you names. They threaten you. They decide to take it to the next level? Well… Be Nice. This is Ranger Up’s new shirt and is available RIGHT NOW at a special… Read More

Walk the Walk

Front of shirt Everyone gets an opinion on how to run our country, when we should go to war, and where we should invest our treasure. For most people, and certainly most politicians, there is no experience to… Read More

Love Me Some ‘Merica

The 4th of July is upon us and it’s a time when Americans celebrate the birth of the greatest nation on the face of the earth. Yes, the GREATEST nation on the face of the earth. We may… Read More

New Ranger Up Shirts for NCOs and Officers

A few years ago, Ranger Up came out with what would become my favorite shirt of all of them that I wear. The front had images of all the NCO ranks and the back said “The NCO IS… Read More

Here’s to US

The old saying goes that a Veteran is someone who at one point signed a check to the United States for an amount “up to and including his or her life”. It’s pithy and gets the point across,… Read More

Man O’ War

Normally, when I profile a new Ranger Up t-shirt, I’ll add my own thought and comments about it. However, I really liked the story that goes with this shirt so I’m posting it instead. This is a great… Read More

Ranger Up Fights to Save the Planet

Ranger Up has a humble request for the upcoming The Ultimate Fighter 14 matchup between Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Michael Bisping. Will you join them and me in helping to make their worthwhile efforts come to fruition. It… Read More

The 0.45%er

You know, I get fed up with the Occupy Wall Street idiots. I’ve been going around and around with some of them on Twitter and am convinced that this has nothing to do with corporate greed and everything… Read More

Ranger UP’s New Ultimate Authority T-Shirt

Yet another awesome t-shirt from the veterans at Ranger Up! I love these gun rights and 2nd Amendment t-shirts. I’m wearing one of them as I type this! I brought a different RU shirt for each day of… Read More

Ranger Up’s New Declaration of Independence Shirt

I’m pretty sure that my entire wardrobe now is either Ranger Up or Old Navy. They have the coolest shirts and I always feel like I don’t have enough! I told the guys as a recent Fisher House… Read More

New Ranger Up Oath of Enlistment Shirt

I’ve been buying Ranger Up gear for so long they’re just short of asking me to move in. I just placed an order for their latest shirt, which I think fits great with this group of readers. You… Read More

Unapologetically American

The guys (and gals?) at Ranger Up have done it again with a killer t-shirt concept. America is awesome. We’re not perfect. We’re a little cocky. We spend a little too much money. Our politicians are assclowns who… Read More

Drawing Winners

I want to tell everyone that contributed to the latest coffee drive that I truly appreciate your help. This will probably be my last coffee shipment while I’m here in Huntsville, but I hope to be able to… Read More

Ranger Up & ASP Support The 2nd Amendment

[UPDATE: All entrants must agree to allow their submission to be posted on A Soldier’s Perspective and/or the Ranger Up blog to be eligible.] I love being a Soldier. I love being a Soldier because my entire purpose… Read More