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Huntsville City Schools Worst In The State

Yes, that is my opinion, but in other ways, it’s a fact: According to an end-of-year report from the Alabama Department of Education, Huntsville City Schools finished the fiscal year on Oct. 1 nearly $20 million in the… Read More

Superintendent Moore Gets Demoted?

Hardly. Huntsville City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Ann Roy Moore, accepted a compromise to end negotiations about whether or not to extend her contract. The school board voted today on the compromise that would allow the incompetent superintendent to… Read More

Fire Huntsville Superintendent Ann Roy Moore

There is a debate raging right now on whether to extend Huntsville City Schools superintendent Ann Roy Moore’s contract through 2011. A heated debate took place during the past two school board meetings on 20 May and 3… Read More

Huntsville City Schools Uniform Proposal

When you think of Huntsville, AL, does the term “gang” even slightly come to mind? Sounds more like an SNL skit comprised of a bunch of rednecks like me sporting overalls and straw toothpicks and carrying slingshots to… Read More

CJ’s Speech To The Board

If you missed Cj’s speech to the Huntsville Board of Education live through the website, here is the written version. He did ad lib a few extra points, which is why his time ran out and didn’t get… Read More

WAAY-31 Covers Williams Middle School Incompetence

Yesterday, I was interviewed by the local media about our treatment by the school and their attempts to destroy Cj’s career. Cj was not interviewed – he was at work at the time and fears retribution if he… Read More

Picking Up The Pieces

Since Cj is not allowed to have a personal opinion about anything, I am going to pick up where he cannot. Cj was ordered to take down the videos after Principal Williams called the Army AGAIN to complain… Read More

Fed Up

The PTA president is out of control! She may think she has some leverage over my husband by continuously calling the Army, but she has no control over me. Cj has done nothing but stand up for his… Read More

Thug-ocracy At Its Finest

[CJ note: I moved this to a private post almost immediately after posting it. I was lashing out in anger and emotion when I originally posted it and had promised the Army I would back off for a… Read More

Fighting The Mob

I’ve learned a very important lesson the past few weeks: when you fight the school system, you might as well be fighting the mob. In the past few weeks, I’ve seen a concerted effort by school officials, to… Read More

When To Say When

My favorite talk show host is Mark Levin, closely followed by Neal Boortz. Why? Because they understand the Constitution and government’s role in our lives. Those are the two shows that I try very hard NOT to miss…. Read More

Get Your Hands Off My PTSD

You know, this country is in bad shape if the quality of some of our educators is any indicator. As you know, I’ve been battling my kids’ school on their new uniform policy. My issue is simple: parents… Read More

The Battle Is Won

I got an email from the district supervisor about the school uniform issue. The school has reversed course and will not make uniforms mandatory this year. However, they will be mandatory next year. While this is a great… Read More

The Myth Of Security in School Uniforms

Last night, the district security supervisor lobbied in favor of school uniforms as a means to reduce violence and discipline issues. If that’s the case, what happened with the kid beaten to death in Chicago. Warning: this video… Read More

Off Topic: School Ignores Parents

Last night, I attended a meeting at my kids’ school with the intent of discussing the principal’s decision to go to school uniforms in the middle of the school year. The problem is that the principal didn’t want… Read More