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Veteran Challenge 2013

I’ve been a Soldiers’ Angels supporter for years. They are a great organization and take care of literally thousands of troops and their families. One of their most important programs is the Valour-IT program. We need your help… Read More

Soldiers’ Angels Walk the Walk

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I am writing this on my own, without request, favor, force or coersion. I am sick of seeing a good organization and its hard-working, humble, and selfless members denigrated and libeled by sad, pathetic excuses for… Read More

Stache Bash

My buddy Nick Palmisciano, who is on the Soldiers’ Angels board of advisors and President of the best MMA apparel site Ranger Up, has come up with an innovative way to raise awareness and money for a good… Read More

Throw Down Issued to Benefit Soldier’s Angels

UPDATE (as of 2206 hrs 3/4/2010): The current coin is at over $150. The $1000 is in the hole and you guys SO rock!! ~LL ———— The hosts and producer of You Served radio show, CJ, Troy, and… Read More

Support Valour-IT

Valour-IT kicks off October 26 to November 11 (Veterans Day)! This friendly, spirited game raises money for technology that reconnects wounded warriors with the wider world and supports their recovery. Obviously, ASP is supporting Team Army. While all… Read More