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The Obama Doctrine Defined

THE FRONTLINES BULLETIN There have been several interesting articles in the news lately, this is one of the top three: The Obama Doctrine Defined The words “vacillating” and “aimless” are commonly used by both left and right to describe… Read More

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (May 30-June 5, 2011)

US military withdrawal of a number of its troops from Pakistan The Pentagon said it had received a request from the Pakistani government to reduce its presence in the country. The request came after a raid by US special… Read More

A New Look at Gettysburg

Recently, I was contacted by the History Channel regarding a new Civil War film, Gettysburg, produced by Ridley and Tony Scott.  It airs on History Monday, May 30th, at 9pm (EST), and you can watch the trailer and read a brief summary… Read More

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (May 9-15, 2011)

SYRIA: A FIGHT TO THE END After almost two months of unrest, Syrian government officials have been unable to open lines of communication with, mostly young, protesters. Talks with more veteran opposition groups have been unsuccessful in getting… Read More

The Frontlines Weekly Update Brief (March 28-April 3, 2011)

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Taliban insurgents have led several attacks against Americans and Allied forces in retaliation for an American priest who burned the Koran as a media stunt for his declining church. The stunt angered many in… Read More

Weekly Update Brief From The Frontlines

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN Taliban insurgents kidnapped 50 Afghan police officers in an ambush in northeastern Afghanistan. Insurgent forces in the Helmand province attacked an American unit with small arms fire, killing SPC. Justin Ross of Wisconsin. Other… Read More

Veteran Homelessness-A National Calamity

Despite selfless service to their nation, a large group of Americans brace the elements each night, often cold, hungry, alone, and sleeping on the streets. Many of these homeless Americans are veterans, some of which have withstood the… Read More

Homefront Engagement for Veterans

This past week has been a rough one. My recent trip to Walter Reed for treatment, and afterwards being rushed to the ER left my family and I a bit shaken. But despite the experience, I am lucky…my… Read More

Update From the Frontlines of War

THE FRONTLINES OF AFGHANISTAN In Afghanistan, the battles continue between coalition forces and members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Attacks in the past week by the insurgents have led to the attempted kidnapping of American citizens, a… Read More