The Tyranny of Facebook

I’ve been a longtime user of Facebook. I’ve plugged my nose and put up with the silly policies and political nonsense from its founders and its push to destroy family and Christian values for a long time. So far this year, I’ve literally been blocked for Facebook 50% of the time. I’m now on my second 30-day suspension after several two-week “administrative leave vacations” and even more day or week long bans. It’s gotten really out of hand.

Anyone that has read this blog for any length of time knows that I’m not one who pulls many punches. I wear my beliefs on my sleeve and I’m not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. I’m also not afraid to offend people because being offended is how you get stronger. We now live in a society where the “suck it up” mentality is no longer about dealing with it and more about…well, literally sucking it up. We are forced to accept unnatural and disgusting lifestyles as natural and celebratory.

Let me make something clear before I continue, because this is an important point that needs to be put out there. I don’t care who you love. I don’t care who you lie down with naked. That’s none of my business. The government has ZERO role in dictating who can and cannot get married to whom. I don’t care if you marry your sister, father, cousin or roommate in basic training. However, do NOT expect me to accept or celebrate your depravity.

I first began fighting this mentality in the 90s when Clinton was removing the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy from the military. At the time, I was hosting a popular radio show on Fort Irwin’s KNTC where we talked about the news of the day, played music and performed comedy skits. But, when I started talking about the DADT policy, I was immediately told I couldn’t talk about “gay” people. So, I didn’t. I talked about “shiny, happy people” to get my point across. I perfected the art of innuendo to discuss what was a hot topic of the day, but I never backed down.

When I became a platoon sergeant, I had to fight the Army’s “equal opportunity” system because when I took over my platoon one of the admin Soldiers was not being forced to go to the field with the rest of us because she was a single mother. I ended that on day one and made her go to the field like everyone else. There’s a reason we have “family care plans” in the Army. They are designed for these purposes. However, treating her like every other Soldier I had resulted me in being accused of being a sexist and singling her out for being a single mother in spite of the fact that I made EVERYONE, single or not, go to the field. I had to deal with “investigations” that all came to the same conclusion: I was no sexist or racist or whatever. Not one Soldier ever said I treated him/her better or worse than the rest (except that one).

So now, we live in a time where the order of the day consists of “safe spaces,” “trigger words,” and other nonsense. Which brings me to my current predicament: being banned (again) on Facebook.

Most of the time, I have no idea why I’m being blocked because most of the time they don’t tell you. When you go to log into Facebook, you generally get a message that “something you posted” violated Facebook’s community “standards” without ever actually telling you what you posted. There were a few times I was made aware, like when I posted this graphic to criticize a liberal anti-gun nutjob who was going around trying to make veterans with PTSD appear unhinged and volatile. With the passage of Texas’ recent open carry law, he stole the design of an Open Carry Texas “No Guns No Money” card and reworded it to suit his Democrat, liberal, anti-gun agenda. The card stated that if a business didn’t ban open carry, seeing a gun would trigger his PTSD and he wouldn’t spend money there. Dysfunctional Veteran Art Leal was behind the stupidity and I called him out on it. Instead of simply “sucking it up” and driving on, he reported my graphic for “violating” community standards AND FACEBOOK ACTUALLY REMOVED IT!! I immediately reposted it and Facebook not only removed the image after disgraced veteran Leal again complained, but they blocked me from posting ANYTHING for two weeks. Here’s the graphic I created, which is in used in compliance with the Fair Use Act, 17 U.S. Code:

So, what was I blocked for this time? For asking a question:


It’s okay for the mentally ill cross-dressers and their liberal (and even “libertarian”) enablers to attack others and attack their religion, beliefs, political philosophies, etc., but when it comes time for them to get it back, they run with their yellow tails tucked between their legs whining to Daddy Facebucks. They can’t stomach any opinion other than theirs and since they can’t challenge their opponents to an intelligent and intellectual debate, they simply seek to shut their critics up however they can.

As Fox’s “The Five” host, Greg Gutfield, so eloquently put it, these people are “so brainwashed [they] claim blocking speech is actually a version of free-speech. It’s not a bug in the system, it’s now the system — the result of the left’s long free reign over campus brain matter,” Gutfeld added. Even liberal kabillionaire Michael Bloomberg is railing against the lack of spine or skin by the entitlement generation and their enablers of my generation.

Well, I’m done with it. Once my 30-day suspension is over, I’ll be downloading my Facebook profile and shutting down my account there. I will come back and do my writing on my own blog where liberals can whine, moan and complain all they want and no one will hear them. I’ve kind of missed writing here anyway, so it’ll be good to reactivate this page. Facebook has every right to run their business however they see fit. I just won’t have any part of it.

I’ll be talking about the same things I always have: military and veterans issues, PTSD, public policy, gun rights, foreign affairs, and whatever else comes to mind.

It’s good to be back.

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  1. Liberals of Law Enforcement and Legislature: What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” did you fail to understand. Where in the Law of the Land, the US Constitution, does it give the Right of the State to override any of the Bill of Rights with their own unlawful and unconstitutional mandates, statures, and laws? No where, I tell you; not in the 2nd Amendment or the 10th Amendment (which is reserved for the State for the governance of anything not already covered in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights). Open Carry laws and Concealed Carry Permit laws, each and everyone one of them are unconstitutional. The only reason they even exist is for illegal control of the masses, We The People, in negating that which is already a GOD given Right, not a privilege, or taxing it; i.e. CCW’s. When will our 1st Amendment Right be taxed or a license be required, or our freedom to peaceably assemble to address a grievance. Without the 2nd Amendment, all the other Rights in the Bill of Rights are in peril. For without the Right to Bear Arms, they will have no defender.

      • Open carry and Concealed Carry laws in and of themselves are both an infringement on the right to bear arms. The right to protect ones self and those her or she care about does not stop or start at the front door. Ones Rights are mobile. They go wherever you or I go as an American on American soil.?

  2. How do I send a picture to see if anyone has been scammed by this person? I really need to no this soon.

  3. Yours is a voice I like to hear. I’ll be following.

  4. Why not pick one of the FB alternatives? Maybe you can be part of moving people away from FB in large numbers

  5. I see nothing wrong with your tyranny post. I’m a female I sit to pee why should I have to endure these boys that want to b girls in my bathroom? If you stand up to pee then you belong with the guys. I personally don’t care what you want to be or how you dress but at the end of the day who you are is dictated by what’s between your legs! I see pedophile written all over it and my granddaughter deserves to go to the restroom without fear!

  6. I did not see a single problem with the question you asked and absolutely have no idea why you got banned for it. I see zero sense from Facebook for doing this. It’s things like this that make me fear for our country’s future. Free speech isn’t as free as it used to be it seems.

  7. Where is a link to the blog sir ? I’d like to follow

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