Update From the Frontlines of War


In Afghanistan, the battles continue between coalition forces and members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Attacks in the past week by the insurgents have led to the attempted kidnapping of American citizens, a bombing of a local grocery store and frequent use of IEDs.  Since 2010, IED attacks have increased 60% according to officials. In the past week, one more American has died in Operation Enduring Freedom. The war in Afghanistan has claimed 21 American lives thus far in 2011, and the total for the war is now 1,467 (www.icasualties.org).


Violence this past week has been targeting civilians and members of the Iraqi police. Several bombings, targeted killings of police officials, and the worsening water condition in the Kirkuk area is leading to unrest, and an opposition party in Kurdish areas are urging the regional government to resign, saying the the unrest in the Arab world should be a wake up call for leaders. No American soldiers were reported killed in Iraq this past week. However, American soldiers killed in 2011 is six and an overall death total of 4436 (www.icasualties.org).

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iCasualties. (2011). Coalition Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Retrieved from www.icasualties.org.

3 Comments on “Update From the Frontlines of War

  1. How come you don’t report the toll on the enemy side. What is the reason you only report how screwed up the coalition efforts are there and that you don’t talk about our gains and victories ?

    • Dear Ma’am,
      Hello, and thank you for your comment. As part of The Frontlines Weekly Update brief, I seek to provide Americans with brief snapshots of the news going on around them in the past week. The updates are designed to place emphasis on topics that do or could potentially affect the United States and our Veterans. Given that many of us are too busy to adequately study in great detail the issues affecting our country, and service members, the update brief and in particular the sections on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, serve as a reminder to us all not to forget our troops. Placing a focus on our troops that serve overseas is especially important given “…far fewer Americans are taking part in this war (12 percent of the total population participated in World War II, 2 percent in Vietnam and less than half of 1 percent in Iraq and Afghanistan)” (Newsweek, 2007, para. 1).

      I truly believe that our troops serving overseas, many of which on their second or third deployments, are models of selfless service and sacrifice that we can all emulate and should never forget.

      Very respectfully,
      The Warrant
      “Fronts Change. Memories Don’t.”

  2. It is such terrible news when American soldiers lose their lives fighting for a war that is not supposed to be America’s war. It is much more painful to the loved-ones of these soldiers who are killed and all for the sake of a senseless war.

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