Walter Reed Cookies

Acting against my best advice because I’m not feeling well, we went to Walter Reed tonight to hand out Girl Scout cookies to wounded soldiers. We received so many orders that we just ran out of boxes to put them all in. Anissa got a lot more donations for cookies while we were set up at a flea market. (the pictures are best viewed with Mozilla Firefox. If the pictures take up the whole page, you’re still stuck with the inferior Internet Explorer.)
walter reed girl scout cookies

We started at Malogne House where we set up a table and tried to give out as many as we could. It didn’t take long before the soldiers were humbly accepting your love and support of them.
walter reed girl scout cookies
After we left the Malogne house, we went to Fisher House and handed over about 15 boxes to the families there. We took what we had left to Ward 57 of Walter Reed. Many of the soldiers there have been there just a few weeks or less. Once we had handed out all the cookies, we went outside to thank the Free Republic for being out there and supporting our troops against the vile Code Pink morons down the block some. I just have to share the huge signs they had made up.
freeper sign
walter reed free republic poster

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  3. OK, you’re a heartless SOB!

    Nah, that just doesn’t work. You really are a great guy, CJ! It was nice to see you and the family last night. Thanks for taking the time and effort to bring smiles to the faces and love in the tummies of our beloved wounded warriors!!!

  4. CJ, I love this post and truly appreciate your efforts. I guess my point in thanking YOU is that I never doubted that with your family involved, EVERY penny would be put to good use for “our guys.” You and Emily really are the parents every kid deserves to have. So like it or not, Thank You;) And to any of our guys who might be reading this, THANK YOU!!!!

  5. I didn’t think for a minute that you did it for sainthood ~ you are just a darn fine man and father. You’re daughter is amazing!
    Thanks for all you and your family do ~

    Love the Freeper signs!! Bless ’em!

  6. Well said CJ. Love the sentiments and love those guys and gals at Walter Reed, and love your parental ways. Glad that you published the pictures, especially your little girl, looking so proud to be there.

  7. I just want to state for the record that my purpose in posting these kinds of stories isn’t to make me look like a saint. I don’t do it for publicity or pats on the back. I just want people to know that YOUR donations are being put to good use. I’m not the one who is the “class act” or the “cat’s meow”. Everyone who donated a box of cookies are the one’s those adjectives describe. The only difference between me and the benefactors of those cookies is that I got lucky is all.

    I also do it to teach my kids the meaning of true service. Not many kids would be able to see the kind of human suffering that I expose them to and be respectful of it. They don’t stare, make loud comments, or shirk in fear. Instead, they thank the soldiers for their service. Chris made it a point yesterday as we walked from room to room yesterday to tell each and every soldier, “I hope you get better” or “I hope you feel better.” It brought smiles to many faces in the ward. Some of them looked like they were in a great deal of pain, but seeing kids and the cookies they brought with them brought a smile to their faces.

    Anyway, I just want to clarify that this isn’t about me. Although I appreciate the compliments, I don’t feel that I can accept them. I’ve mere inches from being in one of those beds myself.

  8. Oops, that last post was like me. Just updated a couple things on the computer last night and didn’t realize that I was still logged in for SNAFU on this computer.

    We didn’t get the opportunity to visit the injured soldiers in San Antonio while I was there the last 2 weeks for class, but think I’ll start making that trek South and do that.

  9. That’s too cool. As usual your dedication to these fine men and women is unsurpassed and you’re teaching your kids well in the process. You’re the greatest CJ.

    Ya know, visiting the injured soldiers at Walter Reed is probably the only thing I miss about being back East, CJ.

  10. I recognized the Mologne House right away in the first pic! Good on you and your family for doing that, CJ. You’re the cat’s meow!

  11. As usual, CJ…a total class act! You are teaching your children well.
    dusgalan of mt

  12. Holy cow you had a busy night!! Thanks for going out even though you were sick!!!

    Love the blown up picture.

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