We’ve Lost The War In Iraq!! (Bloggers Unite)

I know what you’re thinking: CJ is off his rocker. Nope, I’m just fine. And I’ll tell you why I wanted to grab your attention with that title.

Santa Cruz, California, Mayor Emily Reilly (hereinafter known as Reilly Stupid), Councilman Mike Rotkin (hereinafter known as Rottin), and Councilwoman Cynthia Mathews (hereinafter known as Cynthidiot) introduced legislation recently IN SUPPORT OF the coward 1LT Ehren Watada (hereinafter known as Wetarded) and his decision to commit subversion, treason, and conduct unbecoming an officer by refusing to deploy to Iraq and trying to convince other soldiers to follow his cowardly ways.

When a city council gets together to support troops who openly disobey lawful orders and encourage other troops to disobey as well, we’ve lost. Our military will fall into a state of anarchy and this country will become the weakest nation on the planet. And a weak nation with an undisciplined military can’t win fight a war. Where does the city council draw the line? If I don’t agree with with a police officer when he cites me for a ticket and I decide I’m not going to show up for my court date because I think the ticket was wrong, will the city council introduce a resolution of support for me? What if I then started encouraging everyone in my city to disobey police officers whenever they think certain laws are unlawful? They should. There’s no difference between the two actions. Both Wetarded and I are openly disobeying regulations/laws that we don’t agree with. Will the City Council apply the same sort of logic in Santa Cruz when dealing with criminals and miscreants there as well?

Only City Councilwoman Lynn Robinson had the gumption and intestinal fortitude to stand up for the stupidity that is plaguing the Council. Where does the city council get off endangering MY life through their careless actions and backwards thinking? In the military we have a thing called discipline. Discipline keeps Soldiers from being killed. When there’s a breakdown in discipline, as evidenced by 1LT Wetarded’s actions, lives are in jeopardy. My brothers and sisters get killed when they begin to question lawful orders simply because they don’t agree with them. In combat, even more lives are at stake.

1LT Ehren Wetarded AND the Santa Cruz city council (except Robinson and Ryan Coonerty, who wasn’t present for the vote) should be tried for subversion and given the stiffest penalty available by law in a time of war. However, this is also the same council that passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush, so it’s kind of easy to see where they’re coming from.

Send Lynn Robinson words of encouragement and praise for her actions to: lrobinson@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us

Send the rest your outrage and frustration:
Reilly Stupid: ereilly@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us
Cynthidiot Matthews: cmathews@ci.santa-cruz.ca
Mike Rottin: mrotkin@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us
Tony Madrigal: tmadrigal@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us
Ed Porter: eporter@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us

You can phone the council directly at (831) 420-5020 or email them collectively to citycouncil@ci.santa-cruz.ca.us

Also blogged at Yankeemom, who lives in the area (bless her brave soul).

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  1. God Bless You Guys and Merry Christmas!
    From SealPatriot a.k.a. Ryan R.
    P.S.-Bob, I will take your advice as goes for everyone else.

  2. Sealpatriot, do not give up on your generation. They are the ones who have taken the fight to the enemy. I have gotten to know too many of them to be anything but thankful for them. The only question I cannot absolutely answer about them is are they better than my dad’s generation or is the WWII generation greater. And I do not care to figure it out, even if I could do so. For years the colleges have been full of radicals. And for recent years, many leave to enlist, when they could stay and maybe become officers. No best senario here, just the point that they are a stand up generation of bright awsome warriors who understand freedom. Study and prepare! You’ll be fine!
    Semper Fi,

  3. Ryan, I have said it before, and I will say it again, you are so wise beyond your years. I do not fear the future, knowing that there are men like you who will be fighting the good fight. You be strong, stand tall, stick to your convictions. You are what this country is all about. YOU are the new generation, who will keep us free. And again, I will tell you, you get in touch with CJ, and he will let me know. I will be there for you.

  4. We might see more deserters like watada too, especially when you got some professors saying things like kill oyur officers, or stuff like that! Watada is just the first volley feces guys, my best advice for you. Brace yourself for the big one!

  5. Yeah Sue,
    Hopefully we can but I doubt it will be like that ever. you know, because people always treat each other that way when it comes to politics. Even the moderates! When it comes to politics and money in America, and don’t get me wrong I love my military and my country, but people can sometimes act like kids. Trust me I know because my college’s kids are like that. They are equally as mature as the frat party kids. Like this one time a protester came to our school and he happened to be anti abortion and an evangelical. When he was questioned by a group of students he couldn’t answer and when he was about to everyone started booing and ohing cutting him off replying. If this is how stupid the colleges are now ,then we’ll start seeing worse personal attacks in political discussions as this broken generation of mine gets more older, stubborn, and more closed minded. Sorry for the negative forecast CJ, Yankeemom, Sue, Uriah(or lobotomatic), Donna, and the Soldier’s Perspective Krew, but that is kinda how I am starting to see things.
    Peace Guys!
    P.S.-Have a great Christmas Holiday and stay safe fellows!

  6. Nephi, if you think hatred is too harsh a word for what comes across, I apologize to you. Define it as you like, I merely stated what it sounds like when repeated that many times and in the manner in which it is stated. I will again remind you and that other guy, of this. http://www.soldiersperspective.us/index.php?paged=5

    There was no wool pulled over any ones eyes. Everyone saw the same things, and may I remind you that hind sight and Monday morning quarterbacking make more perfect scenarios. But when the Money of one party says jump, the PC police are out in full force and the lemmings are diving off the cliff. I cannot change your mind, and you probably will not change mine unless you give me something other than left wing propaganda sites for evidence, or people with a political agenda to back up your claims. Sorry, I want more. I’m not from MO but Show Me!!

    And I don’t think your opinions are rubbish or gobbledygook. You are entitled to believe how you believe. But so am I. What I have a problem with is being called names and belittled because I don’t happen to believe what someone else believes. And that is when the problems start. But hopefully now, we can all just be adults.

  7. I, too, think “hate” is a little harsh. Further, I don’t believe I ever stated that various administrations prior to the current one (including Clinton) have not stretched reality to satisfy a particular agenda – probably instances of that in every administration going back to G. Washington. Indeed, had Bush et al not stretched reality here and there to make their case for war, I would question seriously their competence as leaders and policy makers – it always happens and our current leaders are likely no different from any of their predecessors.

    PS. This is simply an opinion; perhaps rubbish or gobbledygook to some, but an opinion nonetheless. It is not meant to offend and I apologize in advance for any offense taken.

  8. Hon, I think you need to be rereading what you posts. The one you just answered me in drips of the sentiments I spoke of. You can call it what you like dear, it comes out, clear as a bell. Ding Dong!! And in your attempt at being clever, you have only proved my point. And just as you are free to give your opinion, so am I. Or doesn’t mine count if it’s different from yours?

  9. Hate? That’s a little harsh, if anything you are the one displaying anger in your responses, I am just giving my opinion and including my logic and reasoning for holding that view. At least I have taken the time to think about my opinions and don’t just trot out vapid Sean Hannity one liners instead of addressing the actual points made.

    I don’t hate President Bush or his administration, do I think they have acted out of selfish capitalist interests? Yes.
    Do I think going into Iraq was the best thing for America to do? No.
    Does reality bear me out? Yes.

    It is easy to break it down to the Republicans = Good, Democrats = Bad partisan pseudo-logic. But that doesn’t mean it has any substance. Yet you are doing just that, and please at least do me the honor of not taking my avowed dislike of the Bush administration as some form of Clinton loving democrat propaganda. That only serves to highlight your own lack of valid premise.

    Peace, as well.

  10. I am so amused by the responses of both Nephi and US. There is always this underlying hatred that comes through in your posts, you can never just let it go. You HAVE to bring in that crap. Do you honestly think that ANYONE here is buying the tired old Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al lied thing? Please. Honestly you act as if this would have been, (If it had actually been a lie, which there was no lie, only allegations and innuendo by partisans with an agenda as I stated rightly before.) the very first Administration to have “lied”. One only has to go back ONE Administration to find such an instance as you speak.

    May I also remind you that BlackHawk Down, occurred as a result of Wag the Dog?????? So Sorry Nephi. You don’t get the brownie point or a gold star for that one. It’s just more of the disappointing rhetoric that I thought that you swore off of. OOOPs someone fell off the wagon! Peace!!

  11. Thanks Allons, that answered my question. One more thing, I always thought that an Officer could just resign their commission. Or is that some Holly wood nonesense?

    Sealpatriot, that is alot of great info. Thanks, it puts it all into another perspective.

    As for Lt. Watada, I was simply trying to make a philosophical point about the place of the soldier in society. Aristotle said that the soldier is one of the most honorable positions within society because (essentially) they offer the ultimate sacrifice to the welfare of the state.
    As I said before, Lt. Watada though his actions (whether he knows it or not) is posing a very pertinent question to the American public about how society in general views the role of the soldier within our own country.

    I fear I let my personal disgust with is current arrogant and myopic administration color my post to the point where many thought I was defending the actions of Lt. Watada. Not the case, like I said he deserves whatever he gets.

    Not to sound like too much of a geek, but I think Heinlein was posing this very same question in the book Starship Troopers. If the soldier voluntariliry gives his (or hers) life for the good of the state, and it is by the blood of these people that the state is sustained, why then are they treated as automatons and robots in the public arena?
    A soldier sees their duty as firsdt and foremost to take orders, and to follow their leaders, but who leads the leaders? Who watches over the leaders and makes sure that they do not waste the soldier, or use them as political capital.
    Perhaps, the soldier is best suited to that task, especially since the public seems to be genreally oblivious and happily ignorant of what the soldier endures.
    America cannot go on infinitum, without adapting to a changing world, without changing our governmental structure to stay on top.

    As I said, it brings up some very interesting questions.

  12. -sorry about the w, I just might have pressed the wrong button.
    Well Nephi,
    You responded.
    P.S.- Nobody’s opinion is gobbledygook. Opinion is a wonderful thing that should all be shared and listened to equally.

  13. Sue,

    I agree that we should agree to disagree on this one. But one point you made compels me to offer one small further response. You said:

    “when you have an agenda, you will pick and choose your facts, to twist and contort them to make them fit your agenda.”

    I could not agree with you more!!!! Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz and Bush had, precisely, such an agenda!!!!!

    Best to you and godspeed for all you do!

  14. ALLONS:

    Demofarts?? Your comment is completely devoid of substance! How can someone even respond to such gobbledygook?

  15. I came in here a little late. For U.S. Bennett. When you take the oath of enlistment. Yes, all who sign up are first enlisted. Your rights under the Constition are abridged. That means you still have them but you don’t.




    Bob C

    No matter what you say. No matter what proof you provide. The demofarts and tree huggers will never beleive it.


  16. sealpatriot ~ we’re here! we’re here!! We pay attention!! And ditto what Sue said.
    That’s why I joined up for the Wednesday Hero blogger roll. That’s why there is a group of us who go to the VA hospital here and visit the polytrauma and brain injury unit. And the numbers are growing. There are those of us who do our darndest to know about you all. And we’re talking and writing and we will be heard!
    We’re here ~

  17. Ryan,

    A lot of people do pay attention. And they honor the service of those who go over and fight the good fight. The problem being that the MSM is Anti-War, Anti-Bush and has an agenda to push with the stories they choose to cover. Stories like that of Brian McAnulty, and Ross McGuinness will never make the evening news. Because Soldiers and Marines who do the right thing and who do their job, and make the supreme sacrifices will be trumped every time by someone who is promoting the leftist Anti-War, Anti-Bush agenda.

    I promise you Ryan, when it’s your turn, when you go over there, you get in touch with CJ and I will personally make sure that you are WELL taken care of and know FOR SURE that you are appreciated and that someone really does give a damn about what you are doing. ok?

  18. I wonder why everyone always pays attention to those deserters, but nobody pays attention to the soldier’s willing to go back in service by requesting to deploy to Iraq or reenlisting?

  19. Ok so we agree on the Lt. I do still disagree on the other stuff though. I did take the time to go into a bunch of them, and they are editorialized propaganda. See my problem with this kind of thing, and I am not arguing with you, I am trying to explain how I look at things, is that when you have an agenda, you will pick and choose your facts, to twist and contort them to make them fit your agenda. I try to find more than one source and look for the whole story. Not just one sentence culled from thousands in a report. This is irresponsible journalism.

    Some of the articles I remember full well seeing the REST of the reports they spoke of and they didn’t say in conclusion what these propagandists are saying they said. I can assure you, when I sit here and I write something in response, I have checked it out. I don’t like to make a fool of myself. So I think long and hard before I put myself out there. So, you can be sure that I have checked my facts. And unlike US up there, I understand the difference between the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States. I truly enjoy intelligent debate. I welcome your posts now. You have been a wonderful sparring partner and I have enjoyed it. And I hope that I may have provided you with the same. My point is that I will not waste my time, and I have precious little of it, reading left wing, or right wing either for that matter, garbage. I have much better things to do with my time. I have a lot of guys who need my attention and I would rather give it to them than some ax grinding leftist who can’t see past his nose. And I’m not talking about you personally. I mean those that write the dribble that is contained on those sites. So if you want to agree to disagree on this topic, fine, we can debate the next one. Looking forward to it.

  20. Last month on Veterans Day weekend, we were in Santa Cruz, returning from supporting our warriors in the Bay Area. My wife grew up there, and we like to visit periodically, so have been there every few years. It is simply not the same place it was in the 50’s – a quite and beautiful coastal town a few miles from the Big Trees. My sister-in-law’s high school class (64?) took huge number of causalities in Nam. The hippies came in droves and the old people died out. Yankeemom, thanks for fighting the good fight up there and helping us reclaim our state. Thanks to Lynn Robinson for knowing this is none of their business – it belongs under UCMJ. BTW when you take the oath, that is the law and for a good reason. Military service is about duty, not rights, except to preserve others rights. And to the naysayers, no plan in war and no intel is perfect – that is the nature of evil and war. Thank God, there are warriors who stand between us and evil and the culture of death. Press on to VICTORY!

    Interesting that that same day, we saw three sailors in uniform at the Monterey wharf and we were able to thank them for their service. Now that I think back, they were a little startled. Maybe it does not happen often in that neighborhood.

    Thanks CJ for your service and drawing our attention to those who support deserters. Moreover, yes, I will gladly take you back if you want to visit.
    Semper Fi,

  21. Actually, Bennett there was in fact a huge one year long debate that discussed whether we should have invaded Iraq. In fact if memory serves me right, I know that even if the congress was not Republican controlled this iraq war vote would have passed because most Congress (Democrat and Republican) voted in favor of military action in Iraq. Besides like I have said in past posts nobody can call Bush a liar just because we did not find any Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq because the statement that we went in the Iraq war for WMD’s is itself a lie. According to Dean’s world the defender of liberal tradition in science and philosophy blog, and the recommendations from congress to the whitehouse encouraging the use of military force to remove Saddam Husssein from power. The reasons for going into Iraq are: Violation of international laws, defying United Nations resolutions, crimes against humanity, attempted assasination of a former U.S. president,, firing at international personel enforcing the no fly-zones in Iraq, taking international humanitarian aid supplies while keeping these products from the Iraqis who needed it, harboring terrorist like Abu Nidal(since the 80’s when he first opened his wahabis cult and hijacked the italian cruise ship) and Al-Zarqawi(since 2001 or 2002 when hewas injured fighting Americans in Afghanistan and apparently sending suicide bombers to Turkey and nearly poisoning the food supply in Britain with ricin while having a Bio Chem warfare backgroundfor al qaeda), paying people to do suicide bombing missions across the middle east, africa, and asia. All these just to name a few of the topics discussed in the year long debate that had occured in the United States Congress. So in fact those people who say Bush rushed into war, twisted or manipulated intel, or had any knowledge that prewar intel could possibly have been frauded are in fact denying that the fact that we gave Saddam a year to comply with international orders and demands from the U.S.A, Britain and even his own people telling him to step down by a deadline, and if he doesn’t comply then we take him down militarily in which mos tof the people across the world agreed to even the ones against fighting Saddam. They are also accusing the U.S. government for something that several others are more responsible for. For example the British gave Bush a document forged by British intelligence stating that Saddam has 500 tons of processed uranium that he purchased from Nigeria(remember, even Joe Wilson couldn’t prove this but he also could not disprove this) which was not made in colaboration with the Bush administration because, one it was made in 1998 and was used by Congress to form the Iraqi Liberation Act, and was also used by Bill Clinton to justify operation Desert fox and this peice of British intel wasn’t discovered to be forged until 2005 some of the people who were in the British Intelligence service at the time stated so(remember the members in British Intel service today weren’t in 1998). Or how about the Chzechloslovakian intel service said that Saddam officials met with Al Qeada officials to sell them WMD’s in the late 90’s which was also used by Congress to justify the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 and Clinton to commence Desert Fox. In the end there is no way one group of people is responsible for Operation Iraqi freedom. In fact even some Democrats are pro-war and they like Bush. Even when some loyal Democrats criticize the war, they do it mildly. The only reason why they never admit they have prowar sentiment is because of the fact that the democratic party would mistreat them like how Republicans treat Arlen Spectre. Or how the Democratic party mistreated Joseph Leiberman even though he is a credible person and a good politician who benefits his community and his country in the best of his ability just like several other people in both sides of the aisle in the places like the supreme court, congress, and the white house(I almost forgot Pentagon). Unlike stupid remarks from people like Howard Dean, honesty knows no party. You can find honesty even in lies, like the lie that some people think that Honest Abe fought the south to liberate African Americans from slavery even though he really was fighting to keep America together and stop civil war, and that he really was against slavery. John Wilkes Booth did not kill our friend Abe for winning the civil war but because of Abe’s antislavery sentiment Booth was one of the first southern farmers who stopped receiving money from the government for his excess crops simply because he had slaves. Shortly after Booth’s farm went out of business because he only made money from selling excess crop to the government(the source for this story was my Econ Teacher). Sorry if I went a little off track, but the fact is Bush did not lie regardless what controversial false statement is being said in politics even if th belief is popular , and even if somehow he(Bush) didn’t want to commence with the operation, Congress gave him the order to execute military force on Iraq. If Bush did not send our troops to invade Iraq he would have been hated just as much as he is now for invading Iraq given by the prowar sentiment the country had at the time. We were all prowar and when I say we, only a few people even in the international community and the U.N. were against removing the Saddam Regime. So those who say the Bush lied crap. Check your facts first. Nobody was jumping to conclusions about Saddam. In fact everyone already had a conclusion about Saddam since the first Gulf War. Just no everyone was sure about whether Saddam was bad enough to take down from power, but if people like Pablo Escobar, Mahoumed Farah Adid, Slobodan Milosavich, Seymour Deniche, or Any of todays wahabis, terrorist, or madrassas cult members are bad enough to deal with then Saddam had what was coming to him, and the world is better off without having him around.Man, gotta go! Later.

  22. Actually, Sue, I spoke too quickly. When I said well-supported, I meant the sources that can be found within the articles. That means you actually have to open the article and read it – not simply reject the article or the information contained therein because it is presented from a left-wing source. But let’s just agree to disagree on this topic for now.

    As to the top-post topic, I won’t argue with you on any of the points you raise, because I agree with you on all of them. I thought I made that point clear in my earlier comment but, if not, I guess I have now. Cheers!

  23. Nephi you cant be serious. I looked at the urls for all those articles and not one of them was for a creditable source of news. It just so happens that in one of my jobs, I do research. And I know what the bogus sites are for creditable information are. And that is all you are pointing to. The only ones there that weren’t left wing blog type sources where the NYT which is hardly what I would call creditable, the Village Voice, notoriously slanted so far left that it looks like it flat lined and then we had CBS. Shall we say Dan Rather and leave it at that.

    If you want to debate that issue, come at me with something written by someone who doesn’t have an agenda and I would be happy to give it the time to you wish me to spend on it and then we can discuss it. But I do not willingly assault my senses with propaganda and Bull dinky.

    As far as the topic, argue with me about how this guy isnt willfully disobeying a lawful order, and we will have a discussion. Argue with me that this guy willfully enlisted in the Army, took the education, position and all the other benefits that one can derive from the Army and then decided he doesn’t have to participate cause he doesn’t feel like it. That is the topic. Argue those points.

  24. Sue,

    I agree completely that Bush misrepresentations have little to do with whether Watada is a deserter or violater under the UCMJ, and will refrain for now from straying too far off topic in this regard. However, I don’t think you can write off so readily the matter of whether Bush crafted intelligence to fit the neo-con agenda and middle eastern policy. Keep an open mind when reviewing the results generated through a google search of “Bush misrepresentation intelligence” and you will see what I mean. The articles are disturbing, astonishing and well-supported, to say the least.

  25. Not wanting to step on your toes there US, but the Constitution does not guarantee the rights you alluded to. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are part of the Declaration of Independence. Which to the best of my knowledge guarantees you the right to not be stomped on by King George. Please do correct me if I am wrong. The rights guaranteed by our Constitution are very clear and those three are to my knowledge, not any of them.

    However, from what I understand the Military Code of Conduct is very clear about the responsibilities of a Soldier or Marine. Unlawfully disobeying an order, unless it is an illegal order, which reporting for duty is not, incurs consequences. If Lt Watada did not wish to serve, he simply could have elected NOT TO JOIN THE MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!! MAY I REMIND YOU THAT THIS IS AN ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY??????????? HE CHOSE WHAT HE WANTED TO DO. Just because his butt was called up to go and serve, he doesn’t get the choice to say, “NO sorry fellas I think I’ll sleep in for this one.” It’s not how Military service works.

    And the “Illegal War” crap is so yesterdays news and blaming it all on the Republicans is old too. There were a ton of Dems who signed off on it too and don’t hand me your Bush lied Bull Crap either cause that ain’t cuttin it either. And has nothing to do with this guy being a deserter, and a criminal if he is judged guilty by the Courts Marshal.

  26. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. In this case – Life, to be specific. And I’m not saying his rights were violated, it was just more of a rhetorical question to set out the theme of my little essay there.
    Because really, I’m curious how the military views the moral responsibility of the officer. I ask because I notice nowhere in Lt. Defense does he mention any military regulations being violated, (I believe it’s called the UCMJ, right?). I really am curious what the code of conduct is in the military regarding this kind of circumstance.

    Beyond that, you make a great argument CJ, I too think Lt. Watada deserves to suffer the consequesnces of his actions, I’m not saying the military lied to him or that he was duped, or anything. But seriously, the American people didn’t buy off on the Iraq war, there were no referendums. I don’t remember getting a chance to vote on it. And Bush rammed it through a Republican controlled congress that rubber-stamped it without questioning it one bit.

    I’m not going to demonize Lt. Watada for standing up and asking very pertinent questions, and demonstrating what I feel to be prudent and moral judgement. But I’m not in the military, I have made no oaths, no sworn with my hand on my heart. I think, questions regarding Iraq, and what America is doing there, and why we are there, and what our goals are, are needed right now. The problems in Iraq, are endemic of the entire Middle East, Iraq isn’t some island of strife and discord in an otherwise peacefull and prosperous regoin. What are we going to solve by installing a wobbly democratic government in a country beset on all sides by totalitarian theocrats and religious fundementalists who, based on all available evidence, would wish nothing more than to destroy America and turn us into another religio-facism cultural backwater like they are doing in Darfur or Somalia or Malaysia or the Phillipines.
    As well, the US did initiate military action in Iraq without any real reason, and in violation of certain international legal charters which we had ratified in the UN. There are valid questions to be asked about the whole discourse, about the actions of our government, and about the ultimate international legality of our action. Lt. Watada wants to step and be the guy, unfortunately for him, he should have asked those questions before signing up.

  27. Uriah, the simple and basic fact about all this is that deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan are legal orders. We hear day in and day out how this is an illegal war. It’s simply not true. Congress authorized. Whether or not it’s a morale war is something that could more easily be argued.

    As soldiers, we go where we are ordered to go. It is not up to us to decide which battles we will fight for and which we’ll run from. It’s definitely not up to a measely First Lieutenant to make those decisions.

    When I was in Fallujah, we started packing up in preparation for redeployment when things turned south. I didn’t want to stay. I didn’t think it was fair. But, I didn’t refuse to stay and did what I was told. Now, it 1LT Wetarded was sent to Iraq and told to execute all women and children, that’s an order he could refuse because it’s illegal. Even going off of the argument that Bush didn’t use “logic, reason and moral diviniation”, the American people bought off on it and Congress authorized it. Wetarded made his decision based off cowardice, not logic and reason.

    “Does a person who’s taken the oath to serve relinquish the unalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution?” With regard to this question, I’m confused about the where the contradiction happens. Which supposed rights were violated?

  28. I’m not certain anyone ever attributed common sense and a realistic perspective to any California city councils.
    However it brings up the questions: What is the moral responsibility of a military officer?
    Does a person who’s taken the oath to serve relinquish the unalienable rights guaranteed by the Constitution?

    Lt Watada seems to have made his decision based on more logic and reason than President Bush did in deciding to send people to die for no purpose, yet Lt Watada’s choice is considered an afront?

    And if it indeed is, does not the Commander in Chief himself bear any responsibility for the effects of war on young men and women who served faithfully and without question? Because if the President had used even one ounce of the logic, reason, and moral diviniation that Lt Watada has we’d not be in Iraq at all.

    I agree that Lt Watada has a responsibility to the oath he swore, but on the other hand that duty applies to all positions up the chain of command as well. So, while I understand why a soldier would find Lt Watada’s actions loathesome, and treasonous, I would argue that he has shown more character in making his decision than any of the apparatchik politicos, and obsequious military sycophant commanders that rubber stamped the President’s illadvised crusade for freedom.

    And being an American he has the right to protest anything he wants, he has the right redress the government for greivences, does a soldier relinquish his humanity and become a simple automaton of the state?

    Lt Watada is much more than a turncoat or wimp, he (whether he knows it or not) is posing a very important question to us all.

  29. CJ,

    We have had the same nonsense up here in Northern California (specifically Arcata) where back when Gulf War l broke out to rescue the Kuwaitis the Arcata City council passed a resolution claiming sanctuary for all military personnal that did not want to report for duty. The night these idiots passed this, 5000 farmers, ranchers, loggers, and sane business-people marched downtown on the plaza and there was talk of “tar and feathering” (along with other “comforts” for the council)

    The resolution was recinded the next day and the only talk of impeachment was for the entire city council.

    The HSU crowd and their minions have not raised their ugly heads to this level since that night, but they have past their own impeachment charter for out President.

    I’m 15 minutes south in Eureka and still refuse to do business in that city unless I have to.

    We’ve allowed a generation of flower-children thru the doctrine of our universities to forget who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

    Glad to have found your site……keep up the good work.


  30. While I hardly condone “commit[ting] subversion, treason, and conduct unbecoming an officer by refusing to deploy to Iraq and trying to convince other soldiers to follow his cowardly ways,” the introduction of such legislation by the Santa Cruz folks evidences how truly divided this nation has become over the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq and the misrepresentations and twisting of inteligence that Bush and his minions (or, perhaps more likely, Cheney, Rummy, Wolfowitz and their minion boy-Bush) designed to rally support for the invasion.

    We are in Iraq now and it would be foolhardy to simply pick up our war toys and go home. I fully support our troops and their leaders (military leaders, that is) and fully support giving them the resources necessary to get the job (whatever the job is) completed. But I will never, ever, forgive Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz – the brain children behind this moronic invasion – for their twisted and disingenuous misrepresentations that led to this war. Notwithstanding, I agree that it is not the province of local politicians to support subversion by military personnel. They can voice disagreement with Bush, and even support his impeachment or trial for war crimes, but not subversion by military personnel.

  31. Only further evidence why when the “Big One” hits and California slips quietly into the Pacific, it will be no great loss. Yankee Mom, you need to be movin out of there before that happens though!! We wouldn’t want to lose you!!!

  32. CJ, been there, done that – had my uniform spit upon in 1970 in the Oakland area as I returned from Vietnam. They threw in the “Baby Killer” moniker just for grins. I guess old habits die hard in CA.

    Your article is right on target. Watada deserves the stiffest possible punishment for refusing a lawful order (at the completion of his courts marshal, of course). I guess Watada conveniently forgot that his oath included the phrase, “…that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter…” Move over Calley, Watada is coming to room with you.

  33. The world is MAD! I have also posted the link to your story on TB today – with the info that you have contact names and emails for this council. And yes – I may be Canadian BUT we are all in this together – seemingly one battle at a time til we WIN!!! NEXT!

  34. I’m saving up my spit for the occasion, CJ. Just let me know when. In the meantime, if there’s anything I can do for you or any of the others posting here, My blog is your blog.

  35. I’d be willing to come along CJ! Just tell me when. Sounds like those people definitely have a screw or two loose.

  36. Pingback: Yankeemom

  37. LOL CJ! I’ve been thinking of taking my Louisville slugger and using it for my walking stick myself.
    You ever come here, I’ll wear my Army Mom sweatshirt and after the spittin’, I’ll buy you and whoever is with you a drink and dinner.
    When I told my daughter about this soldier, she said she was ready to come home in her ACUs and take them all on…That’s my girl!

  38. I feel for you, yankeemom. One day, I’m going to go there in uniform myself and start spitting right back. Anyone wanna come along with me?

  39. Why, that’s where I live! I also posted on this when I read it in the paper today. The last city council also passed a resolution to impeach Bush. Code Pink is revered here and UCSC Students Against War have aggressively demonstrated against the recruiters being on campus. I also posted about an Iraqi vet that just got back in Oct. who made the mistake of wearing his uniform downtown and was spit on, had coffee thrown on him and called a murderer ~ http://www.yankeemom.com/?p=597

    I get flipped off because my car is a moving ad for the Army. Not a Kerry sticker to be seen on my bumper!

    Thanks CJ! Those of us who believe in our troops here (and there are a few of us), are doing everything we can to counteract this. It’s not easy and sometimes we get discouraged but it’s bloggers such as yourself that help so much.

    A Proud Army Mom in a Code Pink town.

  40. Support him how? Just say that they support him or what? How can they speak for a whole comunity on a matter such as this? This is totally crazy. Wonder if they would like people supporting to over throw their council?

  41. Rose, my understanding is the the City Council voted to SUPPORT 1LT Wetarded in his decision to refuse deployment basically saying it’s okay to refuse lawful orders.

  42. OK, I read the article. What is the resolution? I agree that there should be no such thing going on and with your view of it. But I would like to know exactly want they purposed. that would give us a better understanding in how insane these people are. Just link in my comments about the soldier’s not being able to afford to go home for Christmas. Here we go, having people that should be governing a community, addressing the wrong things.

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