WWTD – What Would Terrorists Do?

Suppose you were a terrorist and your greatest enemy at the moment was the United States. Suppose the reason the United States was hot on your trail was because its President was adamant about taking out terrorists on their turf as opposed to ours. Suppose you had a vote in the matter. How would you vote? I have the answer.

“Of course Americans should vote Democrat,” Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group and the infamous leader of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity, told WND.

The terrorists are actively encouraging their Muslim brethren here in the United States to vote Democrat. Why would they do such a thing? Aren’t the Democrats tough on terror too?

“This is why American Muslims will support the Democrats, because there is an atmosphere in America that encourages those who want to withdraw from Iraq. It is time that the American people support those who want to take them out of this Iraqi mud,” said Jaara, speaking to WND from exile in Ireland, where he was sent as part of an internationally brokered deal that ended the church siege.

If the Democrats DO take over Congress next week and possibly the Executive Office in 2008, would that be considered a success by the terrorists?

Muhammad Saadi, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad in the northern West Bank town of Jenin, said the Democrats’ talk of withdrawal from Iraq makes him feel “proud.”

“As Arabs and Muslims we feel proud of this talk,” he told WND. “Very proud from the great successes of the Iraqi resistance. This success that brought the big superpower of the world to discuss a possible withdrawal.”

Read the rest of this appalling story over at World Net Daily.
ATTENTION BLOGGERS: Spread this story far and wide. The media isn’t passing this along, so it’s up to us. This is exactly what I was talking about a week ago.

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